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Tanked Season 2

April. 14,2012
| Reality

Wayde King and Brett Raymer are back, and they are making outlandish dream tanks a reality for their fish-loving clients. The guys must wade into the deep end to come up with creative solutions for some of the most outrageous and challenging builds they've ever tackled. Some of the incredible tank builds that put Wayde, Brett and their crew to the test include a jellyfish tank for a sub-freezing bar at Mandalay Bay, a mobile school bus tank and a shark tank for the home of actor and comedian Tracy Morgan.


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Tanked Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 15 - Midwest Zest
First Aired: November. 17,2012

Heather plans an ambitious set of condo tanks for a property company, but will Wayde approve? Plus, Little Caesars commission a unique tank for a children's hospital.

Episode 14 - On the Road Again
First Aired: September. 22,2012

Wayde and Brett embark on a journey back in time, reflecting on their not-so-average experiences building tanks across America.

Episode 13 - Love Is an Illusion
First Aired: September. 15,2012

Neil Patrick Harris wants the boys at ATM to build a tank based on Harry Houdini’s famous water escape at the exclusive Magic Castle club in Los Angeles. Back in Las Vegas, Wayde has big plans for his 15 year wedding anniversary.

Episode 12 - Nuclear Family
First Aired: September. 08,2012

The ATM family takes a walk down memory lane with fantastic tanks of the year. Sharing along the way what it takes to work alongside your wife, father, and brother-in-law.

Episode 11 - Flying High and Sinking Deep
First Aired: August. 25,2012

Wayde and Brett build a tank for a successful manufacturing company in Chicago that gives them the star treatment on a chartered flight. An interactive submarine tank for a Philly restaurant proves a bigger challenge than anticipated.

Episode 10 - For Love of the Game...Or Money?
First Aired: August. 18,2012

The ATM duo must score a touchdown with NFL's Bart Scott and turn his ponds into "Club Aqua".

Episode 9 - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank
First Aired: August. 11,2012

Wayde and Brett get one of their biggest clients and one of their smallest as they build tanks for Emmy award winning comedian Tracy Morgan and a little kid who's a big fan of ATM.

Episode 8 - Where the Wild Things Are
First Aired: June. 09,2012

Animals are welcome as Wayde and Brett get creative with three different tanks for Petco. Also, a Kiss-themed miniature golf course looks to hit a hole in one with a rockin’ tank worthy of rock royalty.

Episode 7 - Most Challenging Tanks
First Aired: June. 02,2012

The guys countdown their toughest tank builds from season 1. Brett and Wayde will take us through the sleepless nights, the experiments, and down and dirty moments that made some of the most amazing tanks you’ve ever seen.

Episode 6 - Polar Opposites
First Aired: May. 19,2012

The guys go to Southern California to build a 35-foot-long marquee tank for Valley View Casino under a serious time crunch, then head back to Vegas for a freezing cold jellyfish tank inside of the Monte Carlo Minus 5 Ice Bar.

Episode 5 - Tanks for the Memories
First Aired: May. 12,2012

The guys talk about their favorite tanks, fish, and pranks from season 1, including behind the scenes stories and never before seen footage from all their favorite tanks.

Episode 4 - Roll with It
First Aired: May. 05,2012

Brett & Wayde look to hit this one out of the park with a tank inside a school bus for a Pensacola baseball team; a nail salon is looking to redefine acrylic; bad news hits when one tank drops, hopefully the other tank will impress.

Episode 3 - Serenity Now
First Aired: April. 28,2012

Wayde and Brett build a show piece for a furniture store in North Carolina. In Las Vegas, the owner of Black Spade Tattoo Parlor wants a tank that will alleviate any ink newbies worries by creating a calming environment in an otherwise stressful place.

Episode 2 - Old School vs. New School
First Aired: April. 21,2012

Wayde and Brett take a walk on the techy side by building a tank for a state-of-the-art robotic systems company in Massachusetts. On the flip side, they fly to Chicago, Illinois to meet up with pinball enthusiast, who needs a tank for his game room.

Episode 1 - Fish Out of Water
First Aired: April. 14,2012

Wayde and Brett are back home in New York visiting a long time client to go over the install of a shark tank for his newly constructed orthodontist office. Later, the boys come up with a display tank for an appliance store that will wow its customers.


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