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Season 2

Endeavour Season 2

March. 30,2014
| Drama Crime Mystery

1966 brings Endeavour a fresh quartet of baffling mysteries set to test his brain and body to breaking point. Though offset by the possibility of love unlooked for, against a backdrop of growing change in Britain and the wider world, Endeavour must face a challenge that threatens to take from him all he holds dear... Family. Friends. Colleagues. The old order changeth... but not without a fight. To the death.


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Endeavour Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 4 - Neverland
First Aired: April. 20,2014

As 1966 draws to a close, the body of a disreputable journalist found in mysterious circumstances threatens to expose past horrors. As the investigation deepens, Endeavour and Thursday face corruption in Oxford's corridors of power.

Episode 3 - Sway
First Aired: April. 13,2014

As a multiple murderer haunts the city strangling married women with a silk stocking, Endeavour and DI Thursday's emotional lives are turned upside down.

Episode 2 - Nocturne
First Aired: April. 06,2014

A murder investigation sends Endeavour and DI Thursday to a girls' school which is haunted by memories of an atrocity committed a hundred years earlier.

Episode 1 - Trove
First Aired: March. 30,2014

A baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the robbery of medieval treasures strain the talents of DC Endeavour Morse.


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