10 Hottest Christmas Movies For You

10 Hottest Christmas Movies For You

From Holiday Inn to The Holiday, here are the best Christmas movies of all time that you can buy or stream online, in no particular order.

Happy Christmas

Release Date 2014
Rating : 5.4 Production Companies: Lucky Coffee Productions Director: Joe Swanberg Stars: Anna Kendrick, Melanie Lynskey, Mark Webber

Summary: After a breakup with her boyfriend, a young woman moves in with her older brother, his wife, and their 2-year-old son.

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Release Date 1977
Rating : 8.2 Production Companies: The Jim Henson Company, Henson Associates, Inc. Director: Jim Henson Stars: Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Marilyn Sokol

Summary: A poor otter family risks everything for the chance to win the cash prize of a talent contest for Christmas.

Tokyo Godfathers

Release Date 2003
Rating : 7.8 Production Companies: Madhouse, Tokyo Godfathers Production Committee Director: Satoshi Kon, Shougo Furuya Stars: Aya Okamoto, Yoshiaki Umegaki, Tohru Emori

Summary: On Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo discover a newborn baby among the trash and set out to find its parents.

Edward Scissorhands

Release Date 1990
Rating : 7.9 Production Companies: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 20th Century Fox Director: Tim Burton, Marilyn Bailey, Francis J. Conway Stars: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest

Summary: A small suburban town receives a visit from a castaway unfinished science experiment named Edward.

Arthur Christmas

Release Date 2011
Rating : 7.1 Production Companies: Columbia Pictures, Aardman Director: Barry Cook, Barry Cook, Sarah Smith Stars: James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy

Summary: This movie reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child's question: "So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?" The answer: Santa's (Jim Broadbent's) exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the center of this movie is a story about a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur (James McAvoy), with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Release Date 2000
Rating : 6.3 Production Companies: Imagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures Director: Leslie Park, Ron Howard Stars: Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Jeffrey Tambor

Summary: Inside a snowflake exists the magical land of Whoville. In Whoville, live the Whos, an almost mutated sort of Munchkin-like people. All the Whos love Christmas, yet just outside of their beloved Whoville lives the Grinch. The Grinch is a nasty creature that hates Christmas, and plots to steal it away from the Whos, whom he equally abhors. Yet a small child, Cindy Lou Who, decides to try befriending the Grinch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Release Date 1993
Rating : 7.9 Production Companies: Walt Disney Pictures, Tim Burton Animation Company Director: Henry Selick Stars: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara

Summary: Tired of scaring humans every October 31 with the same old bag of tricks, Jack Skellington, the spindly king of Halloween Town, kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to deliver shrunken heads and other ghoulish gifts to children on Christmas morning. But as Christmas approaches, Jack's rag-doll girlfriend, Sally, tries to foil his misguided plans.

Holiday Inn

Release Date 1942
Rating : 7.3 Production Companies: Paramount Director: Mark Sandrich Stars: Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds

Summary: Lovely Linda Mason has crooner Jim Hardy head over heels, but suave stepper Ted Hanover wants her for his new dance partner after femme fatale Lila Dixon gives him the brush. Jim's supper club—Holiday Inn—is the setting for the chase by Hanover and manager Danny Reed. The music's the thing.

Meet Me in St. Louis

Release Date 1944
Rating : 7.5 Production Companies: Loew's Incorporated, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Director: Vincente Minnelli Stars: Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor

Summary: In the year before the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York.

It's a Wonderful Life

Release Date 1946
Rating : 8.6 Production Companies: RKO Radio Pictures, Liberty Films Director: Arthur S. Black Jr., Frank Capra Stars: James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore

Summary: A holiday favourite for generations... George Bailey has spent his entire life giving to the people of Bedford Falls. All that prevents rich skinflint Mr. Potter from taking over the entire town is George's modest building and loan company. But on Christmas Eve the business's $8,000 is lost and George's troubles begin.