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The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout (1991)

March. 19,1991
| Action Thriller

When the girl that detective Joe Hallenback is protecting gets murdered, the boyfriend of the murdered girl attempts to investigate and solve the case. What they discover is that there is deep seated corruption going on between a crooked politician and the owner of a pro football team.


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At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.

Ella-May O'Brien

Each character in this movie — down to the smallest one — is an individual rather than a type, prone to spontaneous changes of mood and sometimes amusing outbursts of pettiness or ill humor.


A+ Emotional Tone A+ Open/Close Soundtrack usage.I will rate the film a solid "10" If for nothing else the opening and closing scenes. So as not to bore you I will use my high-school dropout Stream-of-consciousness philosophical appproach. I'm a lame writer with bad grammar so try and muscle through.Opening/Closing Scenes Both feature "Moody River, by: Pat Boone" Open: A Drunk, down on his luck Low-Grade Private Detective and Everyman, Joseph- knows the world is F'd up, but blames himself. Jimmy Dix, ex Pro Baller knows the world is F'd up and also blames himself. Both Self-medicate. One with booze and one with drugs. (Then an incredible movie happens and is written and acted to perfection)Close: _ juxtaposition? _ Now sober Everyman Joseph & sober Jimmy Dix via ("moments-of clarity") Both coming to terms with how extraordinarily F'd up the world is. They survived. They learned. It was all a part of some grand design they had no "physical control over," until they became men of action. Were they at fault? If you posit Kantian Ethical philosophy, they were, because they were not prepared. conclusion? The film itself offers this simple reminder to "always be prepared." Could there be a more perfect song to accompany the opening and closing of this Masterpiece of a film? (If you posit the relationship dynamics within?) Some people find soundtracks unimportant. I find them to be everything. This movie is tied (for me) with "Pulp Fiction" In the upper echelons of music-magic-movie-making history. Not just in soundtrack, but style, mood, and performances. Agree or disagree, I could care less. It's my view. Acting is crucial in film But more so is the mood of the opening and closing scenes. Within itself, (as it appears to this observer) TLB is Absolute PERFECTION. The world will always be F'd up so be prepared. Joe- "The waters wet, the skies are blue, women have secrets, and old Satan Claus; he is out there Jimmy." Jimmy- "So what do we do?" Joe- "be prepared Jimmy, that's my motto." "Be prepared."


The 1st 5 or so scenes of The Last Boy Scout are very good, and crafted very well as each scene offers a distinctly memorable moment. 1st scene memorable moment - the drug crazed running back playing the game of his life pulls out a firearm from his pants and guns down the incoming tacklers in the middle of a play during the rainy night football opener. 2nd scene moment - Joe wakes up in the front seat of his car with a stiff squirrel, thanks to those prankster neighborhood kids. 3rd scene moment - Jimmy busts that super creep in the hot tub in the face with his strong football throwing arm. 4th scene moment - Joe detects his wife (Masters of the Universe Hottie Chelsea Field!) cheating with his best friend hiding in the closet and generously asks him to come out, or else. 5th scene moment - Joe, Damon and Cory talk things out in the strip club and watch Cory dance. Past this point the rest of The Last Boy Scout begins to unravel intense and nonstop. All these moments are unforgettable, especially the opening credits scene, but Cory's dance is my most memorable moment, by far, thanks to Halle Berry. When Halle smacks her butt in a thong and cowgirl chaps, then turns to the camera in that blonde wig and cowboy hat, licks her lips, blows the imaginary smoke from her toy pistol, and starts busting it open, I can't imagine anything hotter. I don't have to imagine. She looks INSANE in that blonde wig, and then the stars over her boobs, oh my sweet heavenly goodness. Behave! I'm trying. Halle Berry is the hottest woman in the history of the universe. That is a fact and it is not an opinion. I love Halle. Halle, thank God for you! You are the best. When Halle whispers 'Go stick your head in that speaker and you'll be screaming play that funky music white boy.' and booty bumps Bruce, OOOWWWWW! That's what I would of said.


Great idea to use this over opening credits.Thee are no marching bands in pro football.Great jerk into "reality" from upbeat music to drenching.You would not see that many umbrellas at the stadium.Who is running towards Billy Cole after that?! And how are there so many police with shotguns that quickly?!Great scene with punks. His door lock is tremendously tall. The get what they deserve :)That looks like a house not an office.Worst positive affirmation.Is that Ray Weinstein?I think Joe is funny :)All that time as a PI on Moonlighting paid off. Ooo. Mike makes such a serious face. He didn't like that. He is a professional. Go to hell #@D#@!At least Sarah yelled for Joe.One great interaction after anther... Joe and Corey, Joe and Jimmy... Joe and Goons.She changes outfits extremely quick.$2.25 for cigatettes? That did not age well. Not only are cigarettes way more expensive, but they are almost nonexistent nowadays.Nice aim with the glass. That wasn't planned... it just worked out.... Joe and the leather pants...Always love the raster on the overturned TV.Polaroid!It got dark quick.Jake's handler is Milo's protege.Lethal Weapon! Cool within cool.I like how Joe pauses for the crash from the ice cream impact to complete.That's adult-ish to say "down the hall, first door on your right".Slightly forced to have Jimmy buying a paper.Fantastic face in reaction to the approaching car.Let Joe have one minute without calamity!No one is gonna want to buy Joe's house....Joe and Chet... Which becomes creepy...Chet's "corpse" is a beautiful choice of words. Several dogs in this movie. That's worth a point.Did this movie have stock in C4?Hell of a kick Darien.Sorry Jimmy, you misspelled bomb and boom.F-u Baynard. The guy's helping you up and you shove him. Go to hell!That helicopter got there quick!I'm always surprised by how much of the blade entry they show.Greatest dancing scene on film.F-u again Baynard. He just saved your life.Billy Cole is Billy Blanks! Wow!Milo is the greatest villain. Using full names is such a charming and sometimes irritating quirk.Still a great movie for many reasons... And I'm not just saying that because I am an Eagle Scout. Highly re-watchable. Highly quotable. And could do well on MST3K... how many great movies can do that.


I'll admit from the start of this review that I love this movie. It's almost perfect entertainment. However it was not the success it should have been.Directed by Tony Scott, produced by Joel Silver, with a brilliant script written by Shane Black purchased for a record fee, and Bruce Willis at his wisecracking best it all seemed to be in place for a box office smash and a potential franchise. Then during a troubled production too many cooks spoilt the broth. Plot In A Paragraph: Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) is a burned-out private detective. Jimmy Dix (Damon Wyans) is an ex-LA Stallions player. Hallenbeck is hired to protect Dix's girlfriend Cory (a gorgeous young Halle Berry). When Cory is executed during a drive-by shooting, Hallenbeck and Dix team up to take on the bad guys and save the day.Bruce Willis is at his wisecracking best as Joe Hallenbeck (basically a hungover version of John McClaine from Die Hard) Damon Wyans tries hard to keep up with Willis and generally succeeds. Halle Berry looks great in her small amount of screen time, Noble Willingham is at his best as Shelly Marcone, while Chelcie Ross is perfectly sleazy as Senator Bainett. Taylor Negron is brilliant as Milo and Danielle Harris is good as Darrian, Willis's foul mouthed daughter. I'll forever be amazed this never generated at least one sequel.