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Hostile Border

Hostile Border (2015)

April. 16,2015
| Drama

When she’s deported to México, Claudia must choose between reconciling with her estranged father or partnering with a dangerous smuggler to return to the U.S.


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Expected more


A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.


I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.


The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.


I located this film in a Redbox machine, and it was refreshing to view this thoughtful independent film."Hostile Border" may not be the best title for a film that barely touches on the topic of immigration. Rather, it is primarily a character study of a young woman apparently raised in the United States and deported to her native Mexico. For this reason, the original title "Pocha: Manifest Destiny" more accurately represents the spirit of the movie.The film begins with a definition of the word "pocha," which is a slang term for a Chicana who speaks fluent English but has a limited grasp of the Spanish language. The central character named Claudia is played by a dynamic young actress named Veronica Sixtos. She carries the film on her shoulders from start to finish.There is plenty of action, including scenes of violence, in this film, and it appears as though Claudia cannot avoid trouble at every turn of her life. After her deportation to Mexico and living with her father and grandmother on a cattle ranch, Claudia meets a nice young man named Arturo. But he has been playing a dangerous game with with a hustler named Ricky.After Arturo is killed by Ricky, Claudia gets linked up in the illegal business activities of Ricky, using her father's ranch to help in his shady transactions. She also begins a bizarre and clearly unhealthy personal relationship with Ricky. The relationship may be motivated by Claudia's instincts for survival. But there are moments when she clearly stands up to Ricky and defines some boundaries for her own dignity.There is a defining moment in the film when Claudia asserts to her father that she wants it all...and now! There is the sense that her upbringing in the United States has inculcated her into a twisted version of the American Dream.To put it mildly, Claudia does not learn from her mistakes, but doubles down on her ill-defined goals of wealth. Her surface-level goal is to return (illegally) to America and pay off her mother's home mortgage. But it is also clear that Claudia really does not have deep ties to her family. It was never clear why she was so antagonistic to her hard-working father and why she would not listen to the wise counsel of her kind grandmother.Viewers may be conflicted about the true nature of Claudia's character. But there is no doubt that the filmmakers created a thought-provoking profile of a young person filled with contradictions, yet great potential that is ultimately unrealized by the end of the film.

Mary Kate Lynch

This is a great film, It is excellent and you should definitely watch it. Through this movie I was very interested and at the edge of my seat not knowing what was going to come next. This movie contains live animals and this makes me gain lots of respect for the directors for being able to work with these animals. Also the writer shows lots of emotion through the intense scenes. There's are lots of surprises especially the flame thrower who kicks ass! Also the writer wrote the main character as a female which shows the writer as very brave to do this because in most films, especially films like this the main character is a man and the writer still used a female for the lead! Through the film the relationships between characters are both shocking and interesting!! that is why this film is unique! Therefore, this is a film that is worth watching!!

Philipp Hertz

Fantastic first effort for the screenwriter. Movie is full of nuance as well as great suspense. Viewer is constantly questioning the reasons for the action. The story works on many levels. It deserves to be shown to a wider audience on big screens. We were fortunate to see in in a special screening in a theater but most people will have to settle for downloads. To create such a great moving on a shoe-string budget is almost unbelievable. Can't wait to see the next picture which will hopefully have a bigger budget.Well worth 90 minutes of time to check out this film.


I have to say the adventurousness of this humanistic thriller lived up to the trailer and did not disappoint. A controversial subject matter to say the least! It' is certainly a different perspective for the movie goer to have to make so many decisions about how to feel about a main character. I find myself still shocked by some of the decisions and consequences experienced by Claudia, the main character. This film is both high action and socially and emotionally complex. The film is beautifully shot. These filmmakers did not cheat the audience of the opportunity to experience some breathtaking countryside. I will need to watch it again to see if my opinion of some of the intense situations and scenarios evolve. This movie is entertaining, thought provoking and dramatic! Definitely check it out.