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Jump Out Boys

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Jump Out Boys (2008)

January. 01,2008
| Action Thriller
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Set in post hurricane New Orleans. A brutal Mexican drug lord (Armando LeDuc) busts out of jail to retrieve the $15 million that his girlfriend is hiding. But detective Raymond (Kris Kristofferson) and McCoy (Sheldon Robbins) will try their best to put him back to where he belongs.


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NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!Dreadful dialogues. No magic between the actors. The main villains are laughably weak, and there is hardly anything interesting going on at all. Uninspired scenario: The plot moved from implausible to downright absurd.Kris Kristofferson is too old for a movie like this. In the movie, his wife is ovulating! He's like 90 years old. The entire movie is filled with irrelevant information. What the hell is DMX doing in this film? Punisher wannabe for hire? It's a shame to hear Willie Nelson's name in a crappy movie like this! Don't watch it, don't rent it, ... Forget it!


I've seen films by grade 10 students, who could do a better job then Garcia has done at writing and producing. Who the hell bank rolls this kind of crap. Christoffersen looks like he should be on his death bed and where the hell did they get this cast of so called actors from? Within 5 min of the start of this I wanted to shut it down but for some reason I watched the full 83 min of this crap and decided I had to go on the internet to see who this idiot was who produced it. I could not find a comment about anything he has done that actually gave proof to the fact that this guy has one bit of talent when it comes to writing and producing. I believe that dmx gave him a bunch of his cash to make him a movie star but they together have failed miserably at this and If dmx really believes that he was that good at what he does he had better start saving his cash because it won't last long enough to make that sorry rapper a movie star.Take it from me a complete and utter waste of 1 hr and 23 min of anyones life who would even consider renting this garbage...

Dan Rodriguez

This film was a classic buddy cop film. It really takes you into the swamps and backroads of Louisiana. The script was pretty good, and DMX was awesome as usual. It seems like most of the reviewers above are wanna- be film makers who don't have the means to make their own corny films, so they stand around and poke holes at the projects of real film makers who are doing it.This piece was action packed and the special effects were good. And man, Ciera Payton is hot. I also noticed the rappers Kane and Abel in this. They were pretty good too. Great film!!! I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to the masses!


I took the time to sign up to IMDb solely to express my utter contempt for this waste of film.I didn't think it was possible to cast the worst actors in the world all in the same movie, but they managed. Terrible acting... sounds like they are reading from the script (for the first time). Not to mention this movie has been done so many times before.The main character (the black detective who couldn't detect a crime if it fell out of the sky and landed on his face.) actually invoked an emotion in me. Anger... His acting was so terrible it actually made me mad. (Oh yeah, PS.. Take off those unbelievably ridiculous sunglasses.) What a tool.I give this movie a 1 (since there is no option for 0) I would like that 120 minutes of my life back.