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Road Games

Road Games (2015)

September. 10,2015
| Horror Thriller

When hitchhiker Jack rescues Véronique from a road rage altercation, the twosome decide to travel together for safety’s sake after learning a serial killer is cutting a murderous swathe through the region. Tired and hungry, they decide against their better judgment to take up an offer to stay the night at a mysterious elderly couple’s mansion…


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Good concept, poorly executed.


Excellent adaptation.


This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

Ariella Broughton

It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.

Tyson Andrew Johnson

well what a surprise. I have to admit I didn't expect much, but the acting is really, really good....and the story develops in such a way that I believed I knew what was going on. My wife figured it out, but the truth/reveal wasn't clear until the end. This is a psychological thriller that has clues to the reveal throughout, if you are paying attention. I almost did not watch this after reading the reviews - I don't know why people try to discourage others from taking in a film. I do understand there are schills on here, but I am a regular guy with 4 kids and a dog. Just a quality movie where they really cared about the story.


The 1981 movie "Road Games" Written be Everett De Roche (screenplay), Everett De Roche (original story). Starring Stacy Keach & Jamie Lee Curtis is a much better movie. This is a poor copy.Pat Quid is driving a semi across Australia. On the way he encounters various other travellers, and the occasional hitchhikers repeatedly as they're traveling the same road. A favorite pastime of Pat is to play games to pass the time on the journey. (Such as to make up backgrounds of the other people on the road.) Pamela is one hitchhiker he picks up. But when she disappears, he suspects that the driver of a van who has been acting a little strange, (Smith or Jones) maybe the serial killer mentioned on the radio. But his pursuit of the van driver brings him to the attention of the police, who begin to suspect him.


What the heck was Andrew Simpson thinking when he accepted to play in this B-movie ? Same time, thank god he's in, otherwise these Road games would have been totally unwatchable ! The story itself is interesting, but both directing and acting are terrible and make no sense at all. And there is a huge problem with Josephine de la Baume : You can't hear anything she says, she whispers all along, so French ! Don't waste your time even if non precious with this B-movie ! Hitch must be turning in his grave. I agree with Toecutter0 : the score will settle there after a few weeks, perhaps a month after other, older viewers log in and cast their votes, scoring this title more fairly across the entire age spectrum. Watch those scores!


Really enjoyable suspense thriller. The whole French/English language barrier is what is so unique and sets it apart from other movies. It ups the tension and is my favourite aspect, how it uses the language barrier to its advantage. Just as Jack may (or may not!) be misinterpreting events and meaning, we too are kept unsure about what we think is actually happening.It's interesting how the language is used in this way, as part of moving the plot forward. It's intriguing and pulls you into the story, leaving you trying to untangle the madness. I'm not sure I've quite seen that in a movie before, not done in a thriller at least. There are a few weak points plot-wise but the film works as a whole and is definitely worth a look if you're into something fun and a little different.