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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End

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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

March. 25,2013
| Drama Action Thriller
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Josh McManus, a traveling salesman with a cloudy past, finds himself in a dusty West Texas town at the wrong time. After a crippling series of earthquakes throws the entire world into chaos, a traveling salesman will have to fight his way through a vicious outlaw biker gang known as the Barbarians to get home to his family.


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I created an account just to respond to this movie. I use the work movie loosely.It starts off as a B movie and that's what I expected, then the Christian propaganda starts, slowly building to the climax hitting you like the bad guys hammer!This is a Christian propaganda movie! Period. Don't let the title and plot beguile you into watching it.Nothing subtle about the message here. Was OK until and tolerable until the climax..... don't bother wasting time unless you are a devout Christian. I truly wish the MPAA had a religious rating for this movie.


I've watched both Revelation movies and found them to be very well written. This is an action movie with a positive message. Even if you are not a Christian, I would think that you could get the message of peace and letting go of anger. I would recommend this film to anyone who just want a good movie to watch on Saturday night. I don't know if this film was in the movies but I would have went to see it. Good movie, good message and not focused on lady parts and sex. Im so tired of movies that exploit women and women who allow themselves to be a piece of meat in most horror flicks you see. Anyway, that's another topic. Good movie....


Hi all, I just saw the movie and read some critics about it...I decided to write a critic as well because this was one off the oddest movies ever seen by me. First of all I'm Christian, Greek Orthodox and I like movies with religious or metaphysical subject, or around revelation so the argument that I would hate a movie talking about Christianity is off-topic. To start with, the movie's prologue makes you think that you'll gonna see some revelation stuff in it but except the lightnings and the earthquakes the rest of the 1st one hour is a typical action movie with some kind of filthy and nasty motorcycle bikers roaming the countryside and making people suffer. The scenario pays that much attention in the rift between the main hero and the motorcycle gang that loses the religious aim of the movie. The boundaries among being a thriller or an action movie are difficult to recognise. Of course the crisis of the protagonist and the sermon of the good religious shop owner doesn't have any deep meaning. The crisis can be cured with different ways and suggesting the pray to God in every problem someone may face is just arbitrary. The only "revelation" you will gonna see in this movie is some lightning balls that symbolize the souls of good people whom God took in paradise. OK, I can create such a low-budget effect in my computer too, should I put it in a video and name it "revelation"? Last but not least, I got annoyed by the hints about other religions. The motel-owner is clearly a Buddhist as we can see from the statue that he has in his motel and as long as he's Indian or something like this. After that we see the "bad" motel-owner threatening some innocent scared people if they don't pay him. This was clearly a hint, a bad one, as long as it aims in a particular religion. But maybe other people would disagree with me, who knows, that's my personal opinion. No any real revelation, low budget effects, wonders if it was an action or a religious movie, no deep meanings in the dialogues so I put only 2 for the thrilling and the action and another 1 for the actors. Byebye :)


A horrible movie that exist for no other reason than to generate money from devout Christians while expounding misguided ideas and forcing religion down your throat. Terrible. Beyond that it is badly written, badly acted, and lacks quality direction. DO NOT BOTHER. I have no issue with Christianity or the message. This however is nothing more than marketing to a certain group of people in order to provide low rent entertainment and generate profit margins for the production company. it is b-rate schlock at best and that's about it. I wish that for once a quality movie with a good religious message would come out. This is not that one BADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBAD