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The Dog Who Saved Easter

The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014)

April. 08,2014
| Comedy

It's Easter and everyone's favorite K-9 is back! The Bannisters are heading out on a family cruise and sending Zeus to doggie day care. Everything is going according to plan, until the daycare's crosstown rival hires a trio of crooks to sabotage the fledgling business. Zeus will make some new friends and new enemies as he uses all his tricks to save the daycare and Easter!


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How sad is this?


Am i the only one who thinks........Average?


Admirable film.

Rosie Searle

It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

David Brailsford

I can't tell you the dread I had when I saw another one of these movie in the Red Box.... I was like "Dear God, why can't they stop?... how many more time must this dog show up and ruin a holiday?" But I made an agreement at some point to watch everyone they made as part of my commitment to watching really awful movies. And with a series where the first movie is less enjoyable and believable then home alone 4 you know its only going to get worse as it goes on.In this sense the dog who saved Easter wasn't failing, it was much worse then its previous movies it delivered even less humor.Gary Valentine was noticeably absent but constantly mentioned by the wife. The Kids were replaced by even less capable actors who also seemed noticeably younger.The movie continues its commitment to giving the internal monologues of every animal in a scene and stressing that all animals are psychic and can pick up each other's monologues (note I'm just assuming this otherwise this series makes no sense)Anyway new to this move was what I call the "intermission chicks" who would show up and offer "comic relief" in the form of some truly Fowl easter puns. Considering they were chicks, the laid more eggs then full grown hens.The story was Zeus's family was going on vacation and they were leaving him at a doggy daycare center. Meanwhile the two criminals from the previous film show up working as public works people in this one where they run into an old gang mate who seemingly seems to be the larry to their moe and curly. He convinces them to get in on a job he found ironically working for a rival dog boarding place run by a cat loving woman who seemed to have a fetish for muzzling dogs.Zeus is harassed by a rabbit, Peter (How original) who keeps outsmarting him because Zeus apparently is about as smart as a bag of rocks in this movie and keeps listening to every lie the rabbit tells. He eventually gets hurt and taken to a vet by this girl, there she meets a doctor who goes all stalkerish gets a dog so he has an excuse to see her again. The dog he gets falls for Zeus and that story element comes into play too.The story proceeds to have her hire these morons at a rate that would make it worthwhile to them to go after this dog place in an effort to get it shut down so that she could in turn become the only dog place in the city.The idiots send a spy dog in in an effort to find violations at the dog daycare to get her shut down (the dog has a collar with a camera the size of a 9 sided dice attached). In an infinitely stupid turn of events they proceed to go back in some of the worst disguises ever and inspect her place inadvertently letting her fix problems she had before the real inspector got there. I'm no expert on these things but how hard is it to plant a dog with a camera and then report someone for violations that you'd need to hire professional cat burglars (I'm using professional in the sense of this universe, as these guys are less deserving of being declared cat burglars then marv and harry), especially ones dumb enough to improvise their own dumb plan after you threatened to turn them in for violating their parole (I'm not entirely what the terms of their parole were especially stewie who I didn't even know was on parole after the last one)She passes inspection so the loonie owner of the other place launches a dumb scheme to kidnap the other dogs. At this point my attention was failing as magnum pi was on and this movie was just dumb but from what I gather Zeus was tracking down the dogs, Dean Cain's character somehow got more involved in helping the other 2 and somehow Zeus managed to wrap things up by walking close enough to things for them to fall over, in the case of Dean Cains character another dog knocked him over so he could knock a can of dog poo on himIn the end the criminal went to jail, Zeus was reunited with his family and I drank a bomber of Southern Teir Uneartly IPADo yourself a favor, if you like dogs, watch a good movie like Bengi, if you want a good easter special watch Here comes Petter Cottontail.


What do you do when you've saved Christmas (twice) and Halloween? Save Easter of course. This is a raucous family film with animal antics, bumbling crooks, and a touch of romance. The Dog Who Saved Easter takes the Zeus (Mario Lopez)o n a whole new adventure and season. With both old and new characters you can jump right into the movie without having seen the previous chapters. Both the canine and human characters get a little romance while dodging the crooks who are about to turn Easter into a rotten egg. Dean Cain, Joey Diaz, and Patrick Muldoon are the most bumbling crooks since the Wet Bandits and in clever irony Diaz's Stewey eats more floor droppings than any of the canine cast. Catherine Hicks as Cressida (channeling her inner Cruella de Vil) heads the cast of villains as the mean, mastermind attempting to ruin the day, but she didn't count on Zeus, a big, huge mistake. But it's not just about the dogs, Beverley Mitchell as Alice not only struggles to keep her fledgling business afloat but also her love life. The over-the-top physical comedy, sight gags, and of course the cuddly heroes make The Dog Who Saved Easter a welcome addition to your holiday and family film collection. Both our daughter (7) and son (10) were captivated and laughing throughout the story, especially at the poop jokes, and you can't have a dog comedy without poop jokes.