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Evilution (2008)

January. 01,2008
| Horror Thriller Science Fiction

An alien bacterium resurrects the dead on Earth.


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Save your money for something good and enjoyable


Absolutely brilliant


It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

Verity Robins

Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.


There aren't any big surprises in the story of EVILUTION. A seemingly nice young man comes back from the war with a secret compound that has amazing healing powers. He moves into an apartment building in a dicey section of Los Angeles and his neighbors poke around in his stuff. He meets a very beautiful young lady. When a local gang member is mortally wounded the young man injects him with the compound, hoping that this will be the opportunity to use the healing powers of this amazing discovery.The compound was created by creatures from outer space. When it is injected into a host- human or animal- that host dies and is taken over by an alien life form.OK. Been there, done that. But watching this is infectious in that the actors have such a good time shouting dialog about alien microbes, firing guns, and running up and down stairs in the apartment building that eventually you realize that this must have really been fun to make.There are some nice elements. The "hero" isn't the two-fisted killing machine you expect in a story like this. One of the best "performances" is by the building itself, a huge structure that was probably very elegant in its day but now the wiring doesn't always work right.Early in the process the actors- many of whom seem to have reserves of talent that the script doesn't touch- seem to realize that this is not going to be the project that gets them an Academy Award. So they throw themselves into what they're doing and play with it like jazz musicians improvising on a simple children's song.One standout element is the musical score. I'm no expert, but it sounds as if it's performed by honest to goodness musicians and not on a computer keyboard. It's a nice touch.


This movie was a bit well... not what I was expecting but seriously parkour Zombies were bloody awesome even if it was in a few scenes I was impressed! Those trauciers are amazing!!! The rest of the movie was unfortunately... not so grand the only person worth looking at is Sandra Ramirez! She really did a top part playing her role! Evilution is like another zombie flick that fails to deliver. Its story is both predictable and seen before. The movie then bases itself in a sleazy trashy building laced with victims to be and the obvious handful of survivors must do whatever it takes to put a stop to it all using what is commonly or conveniently available. This movie could of been way better I give it a two for its good acting and short parkour scenes other than that I say it could of been something worth the watch had they only worked a little longer on the plan out rather than just releasing another over gored zombie flick!


Because we don't get nearly enough of those, right? If anything, this movie is quite disjointed. For instance, there is the character of the apartment building manager, who is this effete intellectual philosopher who seems to have no place running a seedy, inner city hotel. I say this, because it is obvious this trash was produced by Europeans, and this is probably how they see America.The long and short is that the Army has acquired an alien virus, and tested it on people, turning hundreds into Zombies in Iraq before a smart bomb blew them all up. Then a Captain in the research project returns to the states and starts all over again, because, hey, it worked out so well the first time. He injects the virus into a gangbanger, and a junkie self-medicates with the rest, until the entire building is overrun with zombies.I think there is supposed to be something about the aliens wanting to communicate... Not sure, I think it was lost in all the gore.


In an army base guarded by two soldiers there's this alien virus, if you inject it into someone they turn into a zombie. All of a sudden a bespectacled nerd breaks out of the lab with the virus and he's away, out of Iraq and to some slum with only three different scenes. Here you'll meet a massively desperate divorcée, a tiresome gang and a pointless junkie. The army plan of dropping a bomb on the whole thing starts to look pretty good about this point. I couldn't get over how totally disinterested the main actor seemed, he's supposed to be fired up on a mission to inject his mad scientist virus but mopes around like some guy who has been dragged to the shops on a Saturday morning by his wife.There's very little story here and although the scenes of zombies munching people are done reasonably well its hard to really care about the half dozen characters living there.The ridiculously grandiose ending lost it a couple of points from me because it's fair enough to make a substandard zombie flick but it's not OK to do that and then act as though you have created some thought provoking masterpiece. This reminds me a bit of Mulberry Street except that's a good movie and this absolutely isn't. The cover also bears no similarity to film, always a hallmark of a film that the producers know deep down wasn't really good enough.