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Season 10

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Bitchin' Rides Season 10

October. 03,2023
| Reality
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Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design, turns out unique vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car's owner.


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Bitchin' Rides Season 10 Full Episode Guide

Episode 20 - The Color Question
First Aired: January. 02,2024

Dave tries to come up with a one-of-a-kind color that incorporates the client request to get purple into the build. Body work, assembly and some nifty mechanical work get this car in great condition, but the interior needs a complete overhaul.

Episode 19 - The Bitchin' Bel Air
First Aired: December. 26,2023

From the outside, this '57 Bel-Air has all the markings of a classic, but a closer inspection reveals rust in the rockers, sloppy gaps and damaged trim. While fixing up the obvious, the customer also wants a bigger engine.

Episode 18 - 7 Cars, 4 days, 1 Bitchin' Event
First Aired: December. 19,2023

The shop gears up for the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas; this year Dave brings seven cars; once the cars are readied, placed in their booths, and the show is running, the guys get a chance to check out some of the new builds at the show.

Episode 17 - A Classic and a Unicorn
First Aired: December. 12,2023

A '55 Bel Air arrives, and right off the bat, problems ensue; while the shop is bustling, a unicorn project arrives in the form of a new Lambo, with a client who wants to reconfigure the top.

Episode 16 - A Week In the Life
First Aired: December. 05,2023

A week in the life of a shop like Kindig-It Design is a mix of beauty and chaos; a look at one week includes multiple stories of what actually happens behind the scenes of the show, along with all the projects underway that week.

Episode 15 - On the Road Again
First Aired: November. 28,2023

KevDogg and Dave take the rig to the Triple Crown of Rodding show in Nashville; this is one of the few shows they've attended in the South, and they are chomping at the bit to check out all of the local builders, and get into some shenanigans.

Episode 14 - The Next-Gen CF1
First Aired: November. 21,2023

Since launching the project in 2021, Dave Kindig's CF1 has been a smashing success; never one to rest on his laurels, Dave has decided it's time to move on to the next generation of the car, and this one will be adding the option of a Carson top.

Episode 13 - Labor of Love
First Aired: November. 14,2023

The Chevelle makes it through paint and into the assembly area, where it comes back to life; new upholstery gives the car the real upgrade it needs, and just like that, Dave is the hero of the family again.

Episode 12 - No Regrets
First Aired: November. 14,2023

In high school, Dave's wife Charity drove the wheels off her '67 Chevelle; when the couple started their business, they sold the car with the hopes of one day getting another; the crew works to get it ready for Charity's birthday.

Episode 11 - The Outlaw Porsche
First Aired: November. 07,2023

Dave's latest client wants him to outlaw a Porsche 356 A, which means a ton of modifications, including smoothed-out bumpers, louvered deck lid, through-the-hood fuel filler, fog lamps, hood steps and racing mirrors. But this will be a Bitchin' Outlaw and have the Kindig touch.

Episode 10 - Truck Heaven
First Aired: November. 07,2023

It's no secret that while Kev can appreciate cars of all shapes and sizes; deep down, he's a truck guy; when a truck show comes through town, KevDogg shows Dave what is what with all the great builds that have descended on Salt Lake.

Episode 9 - I Hart Challengers
First Aired: October. 31,2023

The fabrication for Kevin Hart's Challenger is complete, and now Dave is taking his futuristic theme into the dash and interior; a new custom color, flawless body work and seamless assembly are in store for this client who expects perfection.

Episode 8 - Kevin Hart's Challenger
First Aired: October. 31,2023

Entertainer and car collector Kevin Hart's latest project is in the shop, and every square inch of the car is getting customized, from a futuristic front and rear end redesign to subtle but huge changes to the rear window and fenders.

Episode 7 - I Love It
First Aired: October. 24,2023

One of KevDogg's favorite cars has arrived in the form of a stock post Bel Air, and he will lead the charge on the build; when Kev's pride and joy takes a turn for the worse, he enlists the help of a local dealer to help him get back on the road.

Episode 6 - Benefit for the Basin
First Aired: October. 24,2023

Dave has a soft spot for all kids in need; so when a car show in Oregon that benefits the local children's charity called, Dave eagerly said yes; the guys take the rig to the show; there's a rumor that Kev may actually get a spot in the drag races.

Episode 5 - A Whole New Game
First Aired: October. 17,2023

Dave has been interested in dipping his feet in the electric car world, and with his CF1s providing the perfect canvas. Turning this into reality will take a new level of engineering and learning a new automotive language.

Episode 4 - New Engine, New Headache
First Aired: October. 17,2023

While maybe not the most popular of models, the Fox Body Mustang is actually making a comeback, and the one that rolls into the shop needs a lot of love. The build list calls for a huge engine upgrade, new custom wheels, suspension and exhaust.

Episode 3 - A Bitchin' Off-Road Warrior
First Aired: October. 10,2023

The Bronco's owner is lukewarm on Dave's radical idea for the interior.

Episode 2 - We've Gone Plaid
First Aired: October. 10,2023

A loyal Kindig-It client has decided to jump on the latest trend. He wants Dave to build him a show-off, off-road vehicle.

Episode 1 - How Do You Say Bitchin' in Italian?
First Aired: October. 03,2023

Good things come in small packages, and this 1967 Fiat fits the bill.