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Legend of the Master
Ye Zhong, who grew up alone on the nameless junk star, accidentally activates a unique artificial intelligence mecha called "Mu Shang." Although they escape together from the junk star where the Starburst Catastrophe occurred, they find themselves entangled in unexpected conspiracies and chaos. In this vast and boundless universe, how many unknown challenges await them?(GPT)
The Legend of Siegfried
The film is about the long-term relationship between the director and the character of her first film, the French indie artist, musician and director Siegfried, known as Sig. The story is dedicated to the experience of growing up, emancipation and finding their own identity in life and in art. The film raises questions about the nature of the student-teacher relationship, which inevitably involves submission and conflict, and the nature of the director and hero relationship, which is based on love and a little manipulation.
The Legend of Kaifeng
Bao Zheng is a man who has solved multiple cases in Kaifeng and Yu Rou is a young woman wholeheartedly devoted to him. Liu E is the beloved concubine of the Song Emperor but she conspires with Zhang De Lin in a quest for more power.
The Legend of Tarzan
Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.
Legend of the Bog
When the dead start to mysteriously re-animate from an ancient bog an eccentric hunter, embarks on a crusade to hunt down the forsaken beasts. But when a ferocious Bog Man emerges from the murk, a powerful and ancient evil is released and the Hunter becomes the hunted.
Legend of the Seeker
The adventures of woodsman Richard Cypher, who discovers that he was born to fulfill a prophecy of becoming a guardian hero to oppressed people. With the help of a mysterious woman named Kahlan and a wise old wizard named Zedd, he must stop a ruthless and bloodthirsty tyrant from unleashing an ancient evil and enslaving the world.
The Legend of Sasquatch
The Davis Family - John, Khristy and Maggie - move in to a secluded log cabin in the mountains above Seattle. They soon discover a family of Bigfoot hiding nearby. When the Bigfoot and Ranger Steve ask the Davis family for help the adventure of a lifetime begins.
Legend of the Dragon
Legend of the Dragon is an animated series consisting of 26 episodes followed by 13 additional episodes for a total of 39 episodes. It is produced by BKN and premiered in October 2006 as part of the Jetix block on Toon Disney. Subsequently, the two part episode "Trial by Fire" was shown as a Jetix Blockbuster on ABC Family in August before all Jetix programming moved to Toon Disney. In the UK, the first 26 episodes have aired across CBBC. It premiered in Summer 2005 on the CBBC channel. It is unclear of whether the additional 13 episodes will be shown or not. Episodes 27–39 have begun airing in Australia on Network Ten's Toasted TV as of March 19, 2008.
The Legend of Atlantis
Enter the lost city of Atlantis. A place where four living crystals have the power to control the four elements of nature: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Our story follows the life of Princess Elan, the daughter of King Altar and Queen Merin. One day the King's royal advisor, Belial discovers that whomever captures all four crystals can gain total control over the Kingdom of Atlantis. So, overcome by greed, Belial sets upon findings the crystal himself and in turn destroying everything beautiful and natural around him. The city's fate lies in the hands of Princess Elan, can she find all four powerful crystals in time to prevent a catastrophe?
Legend of the Chupacabra
Is the legend of Chupacabran (roughly translated to getsugare) true? Or is it just folklore? Or a madman in latex suit? When Maria Esperanza's uncle and his goats are assaulted and killed, she collects together a team of crypto zoology student and a Marine to unravel the mystery once and for all