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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (2017)

May. 30,2017
| Adventure Fantasy Action

An Amazon princess comes to the world of Man in the grips of the First World War to confront the forces of evil and bring an end to human conflict.


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Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!


Too much of everything


When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.

Mathilde the Guild

Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.


This film is a modern origin movie in the DC Comics universe which brings to screen Gal Gadot as the titular character of Wonder Woman. Living and trained by the Amazonians, a tribe of woman hidden away from civilization on the island of Themyscira, Diana - princess to the Amazonians, is finding her place in the world. In her mind she has lots of questions about her origins and her path in life. One day a male pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crashes on the island shores. He tells stories of a massive conflict raging across the world, which the Amazonians are oblivious of. Diana decides that she want to help, taking what she needs she leaves with the Steve, much to the disappointment of the Amazonians. On her journey she encounters civilization for the first time and sees the travesties of man, a world war in all its gory glory. She feels that the war has been orchestrated by higher powers, so while fighting for humanity and discovering herself and her powers, she's also trying to uncover the source of evil driving humanity to the mass conflict of war. Directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Zack Synder this film is one of the gems in DC's sorry attempt to rival Marvel as a big player in the comic book to film franchises - sorry, but only a few DC film's found a level of creditability on screen. Set at the end of World War 1, thematically things were great, costumes seemed right, technology seemed right - it even felt like bleak and smoggy which makes the film feel as though it fits its time and place. The score was passionate and driving and fit the film well - to truly have a great superhero they need to have a theme, and Wonder Woman has one that stands up for itself well. The choreography was decent, a lot of the fighting felt like a ballet at times and it was visually please. The pace of the film was a bit cut and paste, long journeys seemed to happen within seconds with no transitioning - but a younger audience wouldn't be put off. The plot isn't really that complex and there are times when it feels like events of the first Henry Carvill Superman are mirrored in this film, down to the boss fight at the end. I think the acting was good, Gal Gadot - she was believable, naive, fierce - and everything you'd need throughout the film (albeit she occasionally adopted a superhero pose too often - maybe to remind people that she was a super). Chris Pine's Steve Trevor was the best character on-screen, he delivered depth and charm. My main issue was to do with the bad guys - the German's seemed very comical at times, rather than the scourge of the world. Dr Maru (Elena Anaya) could have been soo much more but ended up being a one dimensional baddy which seemed to be placed just to give the film a focal point. On to Ares (David Thewlis), where do we start - this is possibly a criticism of all the DCU films so far, like them Ares was a mess of CGI. Looking at him on screen hurt my senses - it was a let-down to have him as the linchpin to the evil in the film, he could have been soo much more. Honestly it looks like the Ares character was taken straight from a Playstation game, rather than something that had been added to the film on his own merit.All in all, I enjoyed the film. It was refreshing to have a strong female superhero as the lead. I think that from all the recent DCU films (I'm not counting early Superman, Green Lantern, or Batman films - or even Christopher Nolan Batman films), this has to be one of the best put out. It's a decent platform for them to get stronger and stronger. This is a good action film, good fantasy film, and film that can stand on its own should the viewer not be a fan of comics or other DC films. 8 out of 10


Actually, all these 'comic' movies are like watching a video game. The industry has gotten caught up with CGI, that they won't consider doing anything else. I could see kids might enjoy this type of fluff, and even childlike ( and there are many of those ) adults, enjoying it too. I was looking at the list of all the movies that have been made on comic heroe's, and left out my one time favorite as a kid. "Captain Marvel", the shazam wonder, but i read recently that Ann Bening signed on, I guess as C. M.'s mother for the debut of this character hero. Lord help us. I guess, we will never see the likes of a "Casablanca" again.


The best I can say about the film was that it was watchable ... once. Now that it has been seen, I don't foresee ever saying that I'd like to sit through it again. How it managed to win, or even be nominated for, the awards that it garnered will be forever one of life's mysteries. I feel I'm being overly gracious with the "5" rating.


I used to watch "Wonder Woman" TV series as a kid, and found her inspiring. A tough female superhero was a good role model for a girl in the 80's until Helen Slater's Supergirl and animated She-Ra. Before then there was Wonder Woman, although now as an adult, the earlier show looks really funny and quite sexist now. So I looked forward to watching "Wonder Woman" 2017. I was certainly in awe of the island Themyscira where Wonder Woman (Diane) grew up among the Amazons of legend. It was a very magical place like something out of a feminist sci-fi utopia novel. The beautiful and isolated world is interrupted when a WW1 plane arrrives and crashes into the sea. Diane rescues the pilot, Steve, and a load of Germans on a boat emerge through the same mist and all hell breaks lose. The Amazons manage to defeat the Germans, arrows and swords better than guns! Much of the film didnt make a lot of sense. They gave WW a pair of gold wedge heeled boots, a Roman gladiator style metal suit of armour in red and blue colours, with a golden eagle. The tiara has a star on it. The precious god-slaying sword was easily retrieved and supposed to be the ultimate weapon against the enemy of humanity. She agreed to go with Steve to his world, and they get on a boat and sail off. They end up in smoky London of WW1. Wonder Woman spent so long in a London boutique and being childishly silly, then handing over her sword and shield to a secretery, then this debate about secreteries being "slaves". The scenes of WW at the Frontline was pretty cool, but I was greatly disappointed with the rest. David Thewlis turned out to be a big surprise and Steve's decision to sacrifice himself the way he did was a bit "rushed". The film relied heavily on CGI to impress and not much on storyline or script. The characters seemed a bit wooden and even Wonder Woman came across as a bit too naive. It's as if the film makers forgot that she's meant to be an Amazon and a demi goddess.