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Saw: The Final Chapter

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Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)

October. 21,2010
| Horror Crime
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As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw's brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.


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Saw VII,I never actually got around to seeing,after Saw VI,I drift away from it,moving in to my own house,paying bills and sh*t,well,now,due to Jigsaw coming out,which by the way,I'll review either on Sunday or tomorrow night,I watched..boy! Was I in for a great treat! Saw VII is the "final chapter" in the Saw series continuing on to the end. Saw VII is definitely one of the worst horror films ever,there was not one thing that I liked,other wise then that I thought the series was finally going to die of weakness,nope! Saw VII had some of the weakest ever acting and,the traps,OH MY GOD,THE TRAPS!!! The traps were so awful,they took up like so much time and they were so awful! Tobin Bell never actually returned at all and that was sad,probably saw a few private filmed scenes and was like..OH HELL NO! I don't know what Saw VIII:Legacy or otherwise known as Jigsaw will be like,so far I have heard mixed reviews but it dose'int look bad,so lets hope,Saw 1,2,3,6 will come back and not 4,5 and 7. Saw VIII is nothing,literally..NOTHING!!


It's absolutely true that the writers and producers destroyed the original concept of the movie, creating something that most fans hesitate to even call part of the franchise. However, in doing so I feel they've actually done something great.I really enjoyed the character-driven first trilogy, feeling that the second trilogy that focused more on the killers was only mediocre. I always hated Hoffman's character, as he is a poor substitute for Jigsaw. Despite the praise the 6th installment gets, I felt it was the worst yet. Hoffman can't act. He has no charisma or likability. Here, they've unintentionally redeemed his character. He barely acts at all, instead only doing the one thing he's good at: killing everything. Essentially this forces a pretty plausible arc onto the previous films of Hoffman's decline. It's always been about the brutality with him, not the message, and here he's finally been untethered. He let's go of moral superiority and merely kills the people he doesn't like, forcing them to play nearly unwinnable games, so that when the victims waste those precious seconds panicking, he can still delude himself with the idea he's following Jigsaw's rules. Only he isn't at all.The opening scene is a great example of this. I hated it at first (and I still hate how the crowd acts) because he's sentencing teens to death for adultery. The Bobby Dagen game makes no sense either. Technically he's spreading Jigsaw's message to the masses, so there's no reason for Jigsaw to test him. Both of these scenes have nothing to do with Jigsaw. Mark Hoffman merely doesn't like these people, so he's going to kill them. After all, he controls the games now.This is also the only movie the cops have been smart in (apart from the final spree). They stay in constant contact, calling (and waiting for) backup wherever they go. They aren't standing in a room with a man they suspect to be a serial killer completely defenseless. They didn't invent a way to throw out the former evidence and explain why Hoffman is totally not a suspect anymore. They only really make stupid mistakes during the final killing spree.And at the end, the inferior Jigsaw is dethroned for having an impure vision. The terrible actress that played his wife is dead. If there was a character you hated, rest assured they are dead too. Everyonety much dead. There's an awesome kind of finality to it. A cleaning of the slate.Everyone else has already adequately pointed out the flaws in this movie and where they came from. I merely propose that this is the best resolution possible for Hoffman's character: to go out in a blaze if death and gore. When you look at the movie that way, instead of just as a Saw movie, but as a Saw gone haywire correcting itself movie, it's actually pretty good. Despite the numerous plot holes.

Di Bobi

I see the obligatory low ratings and I assume people are just butthurt because this movie actually was brave enough to show human nature in it's true form, without the pandering and bull you see in other movies and sitcoms. It had realistic characters - a cheating, selfish, double-dealing slut who was using two guys and wished them to kill each other so she can live - that's the kind of a realistic character you'll never see in another movie, and if you're offended by it - enjoy being a hypocritical, delusional narcissist who demands pandering. It also had many other characters with realistic human traits which really amazed me, because I'm used to seeing obligatory unrealistic and pandering personalities in movies. So that was brave!You have your gore and twisty plot, but what this movie really shines in is sparing no one when it comes to realistic human nature. Things like that I'm sure offend a majority simpletons who are used to being lied to and enjoy reading and seeing fake, distorted stories; but make for a respectable & bold movie.Lying publicists, lying media, lying lawyers, everything in this movie was realistically portraying the ugly flow of the "real world".The ending was bittersweet though, I was hoping for justice for the brilliant anti-hero I sympathized with (yet disappointingly and conveniently clumsy near the end, bad script there).


Trying to help fellow survivors, a self-help guru telling his story of surviving one of Jigsaw's traps finds himself part of a new game that he must successfully pass while the police continue to get ever closer to solving the killer's true identity.This was yet another enjoyable if somewhat frustrating entry that closes out the franchise. There's some pretty big flaws present here for this one, starting with the fact that the film's intention on keeping the main killer alive and so far ahead of the police here simply to have him be the main object of their investigation to stop him. The amount of effort gone through to show how far ahead he is of them is entirely unrealistic and simply features him as such solely to get the villain of the piece to come out on top being the hero of the film but that is a huge detriment to the film as a whole with this one yet again forced to employ such a not-that-shocking twist ending that plays out for the fifth time in the series' history only each time was a different person in that position. Not even that works either with the simple notion of bringing that particular individual into play to deliver the exact same twist as just about every other effort here is incredibly disappointing and doesn't make for any kind of impassioned viewing as there's the overly-familiar sense of deja-vu creeping in here, all of which comes from the films' desired notion of keeping the villain that major of a threat along the way. Likewise, the fact that there's some rather confusing and overly-complicated traps here that no sane person would ever think up trying to teach some kind of lesson to someone doesn't really strike out that much here. The 3D is so unimportant to the film that there's no need to have filmed them that way to begin with as they don't even register at all, while the constant and irritating yelling during each of the traps makes for a hard time to figure out what's going on,but overall these are the only major distractions throughout here. The main thing here with this one is that for once in the series, it finally gets the moral objective of the traps right for this is certainly as worthy and whole-heartedly appropriate for a game as the franchise has ever delivered and actually has enough sense to tie the traps into a significant meaning behind them. While they may not be the most realistically-contrived setups in terms of logic, there's some rather fun times to be had here with the way they all build together and form a rather impressive game to be dished out, and the graphic gore is again a highlight. As well, the idea of bucking traditions with the opening in public make for a highly-enjoyable sense of uniqueness here that makes for a fun opening encounter here. It helps raise this somewhat, but it's still somewhat flawed.Rated R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.