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Saw III (2006)

October. 27,2006
| Horror Thriller Crime

Jigsaw has disappeared. Along with his new apprentice Amanda, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detective scrambles to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon and Jeff Reinhart are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.


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Eric Stevenson

This is the third in the "Saw" series and honestly, I thought this was fairly good. There are two main plots going on, one where a man named Jeff is being tested and another where Jigsaw has kidnapped a surgeon to save her life. The parts with Jeff are easily the best, as we see it build up wonderfully. The movie ends by revealing that Jeff and the surgeon are actually husband and wife! Honestly, I really did think it was clever how they set up these two stories together. I had no idea Amanda would die.It really did make sense within the context of the story. I also appreciated how they really did raise a lot of moral questions that Jeff was going through. Yes, it's very gory and graphic, but I honestly think there was more to it than meets the eye. The most graphics bits are probably the surgery, but really, I found that kind of justified given that it was well, surgery. I've seen so many awful movies with a mass murderer leprechaun lately that I really did find this to be much better. I'm not into horror movies, but...please don't judge me, I was entertained, okay! ***

Kyle Swanson

Saw III, here we go, this is in my opinion the last good film in the Saw Franchise, and to me is my second favorite in the series.Basically John Kramer, the original Jigsaw Killer, is about to meet his fate from his Brain Tumor's issue, and Amanda Young, his only assistant must search for help to cured his severe problem, so she kidnaps an Doctor who was originally an assistant of Kramer's ex-doctor, to figured-out an way to end it. Meanwhile, an new victim, who lost his son from an DUI Incident a few years prior, and ever since then felt vengeful towards his killer, must plays Jigsaw's game to shows him that Forgiveness exists, by coming upon a few more Victims in traps who are in any way connected to his Son's death, and it his choice of letting them live or Die because of what they do with his personal incident.The characters in this movie, I got to admit is a-bit better than some of the ones in Saw II. John Kramer and Amanda Young are still interesting to watch, the Doctor is a-bit forgettable however, but her relationship with Amanda was kinda nice to see. The Vengeful Father, was in my opinion, a very interesting character, just having someone who is really vengeful about someone who he seems to loves a-lot is great to see and his search for he thinking will be his Son's killer during the game Jigsaw have him participate in was enjoyable like a snack. The traps in this movie are again good, and once again I have a favorite, this time is The Rack, which was pretty intense of a scene, probably remained my second favorite trap in the whole series along-side the Amanda Young's trap from the first one. Now I have said positive things about this film, that does not means there aren't any negative things to say, there is unfortunately. Firstly is the Kristy's trap (Kristy by-a-way is a character from the previous film who is a former partner of the Juvie's father of an Corrupt Detective) which is shown to be unnecessary in this film as they never mentioned it the rest of the film, and they only continued it's story in the following one, it just seems like they just wants to show us a trap already but this is the third Installment and according to the first two films, we already know there going to be traps like that, so what the point? Secondly, this is what a-lot of people would kinda agree which is the ending, now a-lot people complains by saying it was all an mistake, but honestly it not really like that which I have an problem with, it just the craze it shows to people who watches that then make them confused about how there will be sequels in which this started the downhill of the series with the follow-up "Saw IV". Personally, I thought this would've been an good way to end the series because there obviously no other way to continued, but then they decide to do that anyways by releasing the ever god-awful fourth film.Now I would recommend this if you only see the first Saw movie, if you didn't see Saw II, it really doesn't matters, because the whole twist they pull off with Amanda turning out she was an Assistant not an victim this time was pretty much almost spoiled by it's trailer. This movie, along with the first Saw film, are like the only ones I would probably sit around and watch again, I absolutely loves this one.


Enter the enchanting world of Jigsaw, where your kids can watch as people explore a very special theme park with cool rides and fun games. Your children will love solving the puzzles with the characters step by step. This is a perfect movie for critical thinking, common sense, forgiveness, and being a good sport. Saw III tells the story of a sad man who must learn to forgive his best friend. On the way, he plays lots of games and sets a good example by following rules. Your child will also learn and grow with the main character as he demonstrates good sportsmanship. Such a sweet movie, and perfect for the family!

Horror Icon

The movie wasn't too bad. Not as good as the first two, but still alright. In fact, the worst parts of the movie were the characters. Particularly, Amanda and the guy who goes through all the traps (not sure what his name is). Amanda, or Jigsaw's accomplice, was really quite pathetic and destroyed the entire purpose of the 'Saw' franchise with unwinnable "games". She was annoying and confusing and really didn't live up to Jigsaw's far superior actor. However, she only contributed partly to the problem with this movie.The protagonist guy was incredibly frustrating to watch. I know he was in mourning and everything, but seriously!!! He could literally save every person from the traps, but didn't. What made him more annoying was that with every person he could save, he was indecisive until the last moment, when he decided to save them, and he's too late. Frustrating. Just because he can't make an obvious decision, people suffer brutal deaths.Other problems I'd like to note: the surgery scene was far too gratuitous. Should've been removed. Also, I didn't like how Jigsaw got angry. He's always incredibly calm and under control. Why did the writers make him crack? Overall, if you enjoyed the first two movies, you should give this a watch, but don't expect much.