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Code of Silence

Code of Silence (1985)

May. 03,1985
| Action Crime

A Chicago cop is caught in the middle of a gang war while his own comrades shun him because he wants to take an irresponsible cop down.


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People are voting emotionally.


One of my all time favorites.


best movie i've ever seen.


It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.


This is Chuck Norris' finest hour. This isn't Norris wrapped in the Flag, going gonzo and wiping out everyone in sight with an M-60 and a thousand deadly spin kicks. Instead, "Code Of Silence" is a gritty, realistic (for the most part) crime story about honor, sacrifice, truth & personal integrity, and the sometimes high cost of doing what's right, instead of what's easy or convenient. Norris turns in a solid, low-key, believable performance here. The rest of the ensemble cast is also quite good, with the exception of the Colombian goons, a bunch of one-note gorillas who are there purely for Chuck to beat the living snot out of. One such encounter results in Chuck giving one of the best tough guy lines in screen history "If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you." Hell yeah! The great Henry Silva played villainous parts throughout his long career, and he's just as cold and brutally lethal this time around as the Colombian cartel's mercilessly sadistic crime boss. Dennis Farina has a small but amusing role playing Cusack's sidelined partner, who's always coming up with odd but well-intentioned schemes that he & Eddie can retire on, once they leave the force.This Movie is a Crime Drama it Covers a few things including Cop Currption and The Mob. It is about one cop who is Honest and because he is Honest he dislikes the not so honest cops and thus because of this ends up alone and against the Wall when a "Mob" aka Gang war is about to break out. This movie has a good Cast line up and they all deliver. You will enjoy this crime drama.Overall rating: 7 out of 10.


Andrew Davis directs this Chicago-based action film that stars Chuck Norris as police officer Eddie Cusack, who is a tough cop determined to take down two rival and warring drug gangs that are plaguing the city. Trouble is, Eddie has made himself an outcast in the department by testifying against an aging officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager, and Eddie doesn't think he should get away with it. Despite this, Eddie goes forth with his duties, which also has him using the department's newest weapon: a robotic crime-fighting vehicle called "The Prowler". Reasonably good film has Chuck in fine form, with efficient direction, though the plot itself is routine. Funny scene involving two crooks trying to hold up a restaurant filled with cops!


Interesting thing - this was supposed to be a Clint Eastwood movie , but he decided to do "Pale rider" instead. It's funny , because the story here feels a little bit like western . "COS" has got obviously more story than average Chuck movie . The corrupt cops angle is nothing new or particularly deep , but works well enough. It's hard to call this story unpredictable and the ending conclusion is rather unfitting to the rest of the movie , but doesn't destroy it. There is one very funny scene involving two unlucky robbers that will make you laugh hard. There are some silly moments here and there , but overall this movie manages to be serious and have decent dialogues .Chuck is his usual self here , but somewhat less wooden . Henry Silva ("Nico : Above the law") is effective enough as the mob boss. The rest of the cast involving known faces like Ron Dean and Dennis Farina is also very OK.The action is rather unspectacular , although it's well placed and enjoyable. The big shootout at the end (Chuck versus mafia) is both silly and kinda creative. Director Andrew Davis ("The Fugitive" , "Under siege" and "Nico : Above the law") keeps the movie at nice pace. Veteran action movie composer David Michael Frank gives a nice funky score. Chicago does look really nice in this movie.I give it 5/10. Not really an underrated movie , but decent enough to watch it if it's on TV and you have nothing to do. It lacks that certain something that would make it stand out from many movies of the genre. Compared to almost every other movie Norris made this is however a freaking masterpiece. Along with "Delta force" and "The Lone wolf McQuade" his best work.


In 1985 Chicago cops like Sergeant Eddie Cusack (Chuck Norris) attempt to keep the streets clean of drug-pushing scum. His opponent in this drug war is none other than Luis Comacho (Henry Silva, in one of his token drug lord roles, commanding his legion of dregs, provided with plenty of miscreants for Norris to obliterate) who wants to monopolize the drug trade and needs to rid himself of the man standing in his way, Tony Luna (Mike Genovese). Eddie wants to find Tony Luna as well, but finds the Comacho family a major thorn in his side as they start gunning down any member of the Luna crime family, including the man's own wife and daughters. Eddie tries to keep one of Tony's daughters, Diana (Molly Hagan), safe from harm but Luis will not make that easy. Plain and simple, Luis wants Tony dead—and that includes all his offspring, not one Luna left alive. That's only part of Eddie's nagging problems. Like many of these 70s/80s cop movies, Eddie is breaking in a new, green partner, Nick (Joe Guzaldo) so training such a young man can carry a heavy burden (most of the time, Chuck tells him to stay in the car, though). Even worse, Nick sees an old veteran on Eddie's tactical team, Cragie (Ralph Foody), shoot an innocent kid, during a big shakedown with police chasing hoods in the Chicago streets, stunned and disturbed. Cragie plants a gun on the kid and claims it was self-defense, with Nick caught in a dilemma—should he tell the truth at the hearing for Cragie regarding what he truly saw (Cragie, of course, sticks to the story that he was only defending himself) or lie so that his cop brethren will not turn their backs on him. Eddie, a true man of honor and valor, tells Nick he should tell the truth and is honest during the hearing about wanting Cragie off his tactical unit. So when Eddie wages war with Comacho, his own police officers won't back him up, a code of silence prevailing so that Cragie remains a pillar among his cop peers. As a Norris vehicle, CODE OF SILENCE would probably have to be considered one of Chuck's finest action movies. He gets to use his fists, feet, police issued gun, and shot gun, and has a worthy adversary in Silva who gleefully smirks as his men finish off an entire family, four women among the slaughtered. Silva also serviced another Andrew Davis actioner with Steven Seagal as the cop hero and he once again as a crime kingpin, in ABOVE THE LAW. Lots of familiar faces in the cast, such as Dennis Farina and Bert Remsen, as cops. The Chicago street locations are always an asset in regards to cop dramas; the authenticity of city streets and the local color which occupy them only add weight to the storyline. Chuck's one man army act is once again used in an action film for which he stars, except this time he has an armored police tank which comes in handy when you need to take out thirty people in a giant warehouse. If you enjoy seeing men exploding through pallets or sent hurling fifty feet in the air after being hit by small missiles, this is your movie. And, of course, you have the standard bar fight where Chuck must combat like fifteen people, most of which outweigh him, as a pleased Silva looks on from a distance, enjoying the fact that even a warrior like Eddie has his limitations. Silva, who snarls and spits venom with the best villains, has a field day, while Chuck keeps a face of seriousness and determination.