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Cult of Chucky

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Cult of Chucky (2017)

September. 23,2017
| Horror Thriller
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Chucky is back in 2017 and Don Mancini is again back as director. Brad Douriff once again voices Chucky (let's face it, it just wouldn't be the same without his creepy voice!). With great visuals and photography, and a great premise in a mental institute, this is by far the best in the series - next to the original, off course, which is still the best. This installment has great acting, great characters and a good story. I also enjoyed Alex Vincent as Andy back again, and the reference to the original film. Loved it! It also leaves the door wide open for another sequel.

Paul Magne Haakonsen

I have been watching the Chucky movies ever since the first one, and I am one to say that the franchise has been on a downward slide for a long, long time. Granted, I haven't been much of a fan actually, although most of the movies are enjoyable for what they were, but never reaching anywhere near along the likes of Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger."Cult of Chucky" is, at best, a less than mediocre movie. They should have stopped this franchise a long time ago. It is now at a point where it starts to become embarrassing to the franchise.So now Chucky can suddenly possess multiple bodies at once? Right, sure, evolution, why not?I will admit that the actors and actresses in "Cult of Chucky" did put on some good acting performances. And they actually assembled a good cast for portraying the various characters and roles throughout the movie.The movie definitely has good special effects, which also do carry the movie quite a way.When it comes down to it, then "Cult of Chucky" wasn't a particularly thrilling addition to the "Child's Play" franchise, nor was it a particularly memorable movie by or in itself.


I thought the movie was horrible. I didn't get why they used the old chucky in the first one and not use the chucky they uses when he had his arm chopped off by Glenn. It would look scarier cause his arm was cut off and he only had 1 arm... So basically the movie sucked!!!


81% on rotten, numerous positive reviews from various festivals, critics, fans and of course only 5.2 on IMDb, now a haven of pathetic, frustrated trolls and haters. I saw this movie yesterday, at a theater in Rome at Fantafestival and this movie is a MASTERPIECE. Mancini confirms a great director and screenwriter, film photography is fabulous, the plot is fabulous, violence is at very high levels, it is undoubtedly the most violent and frantic chapter of the franchise, in the film is deepened the psychology of the characters . This is a perfect movie !!! my rating is 10/10 and all the pathetic haters can watch Justice League, Insidious, Crap and Furious and all the scum that's around. CHUCKY IS BACK !!!!!