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The Wall

The Wall (2017)

May. 12,2017
| Drama Thriller War

An American sniper and his spotter engage in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with an Iraqi sniper.


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I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much


This movie is magnificent!


Highly Overrated But Still Good


At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.


That should be all you need. I've avoided making an account for years but felt so strongly I had to warn others about this steaming pile of dog excrement. All the other 1 star reviews have already said it. This may as well be a terrorist recruitment video and a far left wing propaganda piece. Absolute garbage.


In between 2014's brilliant Sci-Fi romp Edge of Tomorrow and last year's underrated thriller American Made, director Doug Liman took a detour to the more sombre space of movie-making and directed this character driven Iraq based thriller about two rival snipers trapped in a life or death battle in the harsh surrounds of the middle-eastern dust bowl.Forgoing his usual hand-held frenetic style of filmmaking, Liman has clearly tried to find his films thrills in other ways with The Wall but this small ensemble piece that largely focuses its time on Aaron Taylor-Johnson's wounded American solider Isaac as he enters into a battle of wits and sharp shooting with the never seen, only heard Iraq sniper "The Ghost" is in dire need of more pulse pounding action as we begin to realise that Johnson hiding behind a wall for an hour is only going to take us so far in the entertainment stakes.There's certainly nothing wrong with films forgoing the grand-scale to instead focus on the tension of a small-scale life or death event (Buried springs to mind, even the epic Das Boot) but Liman's film struggles to maintain its initial intriguing set-up as the bullets stop flying and the so-so nature of what Liman is trying to achieve starts taking full effect.Having The Ghost communicate and taunt Isaac as the two spar over a radio as Isaac's comrade Matthew's lay motionless before him (John Cena fans should look elsewhere to see their beloved ex-wrestler ply his acting chops) can only take the film so far and while Liman is trying to show the two sides of the war and those that fight in it there are better ways to tell both sides of the story.Unusually also for a Liman film, The Wall's action is second rate and with the tension deflated by long and arduous sections of Isaac looking at a trash heap or The Ghost quoting Edgar Allen Poe poems, even when things ramp up a notch it's not enough to make The Wall worth your time even with a committed Taylor-Johnson trying his best with a role that didn't exactly provide him with the best of material to work with.Final Say - What could've been a white-knuckle battle of wits and survival instincts instead ends up being a bit of a dust-filled bore. It's nice to see Liman try his hand at something a little different to his usual repertoire but The Wall is neither exciting enough or smart enough to recommend, while it's misguided ending makes the whole experience that much more frustrating upon reflection.2 bags of Skittles out of 5


Over all, this was a decent war flick if you're wasting some time or washing the dishes etc.First, the one-star reviews calling this 'anti-American' or 'anti-military' are silly as hell. Of course the other side is going to say things against the American military. What would have pleased you? If he had just jabbered "Mohammed Jihad durka durka" the whole time? To be a realistic character he is going to say things that are against the American military... that's sort of the point of him being the enemy. Don't be so sensitive.The movie itself is well-shot and fairly well-acted. John Cena seems to be more of a fill-in to bring in viewers than anything else. The main actor playing Isaac "Eyes" does a pretty good job. To those saying he ends up "acting like a bit**", well, I imagine most people eventually would soften up a little after bleeding out in the desert for hours.Anyway, the pace of the movie can be a little slow (how can it not be at 90 minutes with a guy hiding behind a wall). The premise is a little silly once all is revealed at the end - the military has checks in place to not allow this to happen over and over.Military vets/serving members will find it a little silly, the decisions and tactics make no sense, the equipment they choose to bring, etc. But if you can put this aside it is a decent enough flick. 6/10 for being well-shot and well-acted, but unbelievable in too many ways.


Im glad it ended how it did. Its hard to explain why I liked it so much but I will try. All the way through the movie I tried to plan the ending the good will win. Either Issac will snipe the iraqi when he had promised never to snipe again beacuse of his dead friend that he killed on accident. Or if John Cena was going to snipe him. Or if the Iraqi would just let him go after talking with him. But I was wrong and it completley shocked and surpised me and at first I was frustrated. But later I realised wow the movie actually suprised me. Its not one of thoose typical the good wins beacuse in most movies theese days a few good guys die but the good guys sitll win. Im glad more movies and series are starting to dare making the "good" guys loose.Again its a bit hard to explain why its a good ending but For those giving it negative reviews they mostly give 1 star. Be honest it was atleast a 3 star even if you look at iit from your point of view. all they really do is take 1 star to get the movie down in stars beacuse they were unsatifised. They wanted the movie to end the way they wanted it to end. Its sad that people do that it really is. And hey im not giving it a 10 star im giving it a 7 beacuse I belive thats what it deserves.