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Old 37

Old 37 (2015)

March. 21,2015
| Horror

Two brothers intercept 911 calls in their Father's beat up old Ambulance to exact revenge on a group of careless teen drivers.


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Very best movie i ever watch


If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.


Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

Chantel Contreras

It is both painfully honest and laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.


I stumbled on this film on Chiller TV and I remembered that I had seen a trailer at a horror convention last year. I actually got to meet 3 of the producers and the writer and they were cool. They explained the process of making this film, how long it took, what it was like on set and the falling out they had with the director. It seems that a lot of people below are assuming they know the situation because the director took an Alan Smithy credit that the film sucked, but that really isn't the case here. This film delivers on so many levels. The concept is brilliant, and frankly i felt like it was an elevated horror. Out of all the films coming out now that are remakes or about a giant spider, this had a mix between good teen drama and suspense. If you are looking for a straight slasher, this isn't the film for you, but open your mind to something bigger than just that. I also loved the music too...thought it was really fitting and creepy where it needed to be. just my two cents.

Bloodmarsh Krackoon

What's a good way for a director like Alan Smithee to get people to watch his horror film? Releasing it right before Halloween is one way - and casting Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley as serial killing brothers, is another. I've never met Kane Hodder, but I'm willing to bet he's probably the nicest guy on the planet, because for some reason directors want to work with him. This is a guy who is best known for walking around with a hockey mask, with absolutely no dialogue. The reason for that is quite simple - he's the most wooden actor I've ever seen. He has no screen presence/charisma, no sense of timing when it comes to line delivery. He just snarls and bullies his way through every single role, without a care in the world. He does a pretty mean chicken dance, though.'Old 37' is dull slasher film about two serial killers (Hodder/Moseley) posing as paramedics (Uh, I think it's about a boob job, too.) If you think this is a pure horror film, you're wrong. It's more teen drama than horror. It takes entirely way too long to get to the killings/torture. The character development is something you'd see from 'I Still, Still, Still Know What You Did Last Summer.' There's absolutely no reason to add any type of character development to this film, because the characters are dull, bland rip-offs of previous 'teen' slashers. You will be pleased to know, or at least you should be, that Brandi Cyrus doesn't manage to last 20 minutes into the film. If you're like me, you probably feared she'd somehow land the main role as the helpless victim. You won't be pleased to know, that if she hadn't been killed off, she would have ended up being the best actor/actress in the film - and that's not meant as a compliment.Random Ramblings of a Madman: 'Old 37' is mind numbingly awful, filled with bland characters, awful acting, and the worst drivers ever put on film.


The perfect mix of horror, humor, and gore. There are many moments of just plain horror and fear. There are also quite a few times where there is humor involved (keep an eye on the 2 brothers played by Bill Mosely and Kane Hodder). There is so much blood and gore. There are a few unique killing devices in the movie. Mosely and Kane Hodder strike fear in viewers yet again. The teenager story lines get old after a while, but their stupid decisions are what always moves a horror movie forward. This is a great movie. I recommend this movie to everyone with a strong stomach, ages 13+ (gore, cursing, etc.). And, "Don't worry. I'm a paramedic."


I saw this movie at the Mass premiere at Randolph Lux Cinemas. I have always loved horror movies but this took the cake! Suspenseful, gory and dark. The story line is a work of art, all from a nightmare the writer had one night. It makes me wonder what goes on in his head on a daily basis. The music was right on. Shepherd was especially great. Great job selecting just the right songs to fit the mood the writer wanted us to feel. I have preordered my own DVD and can't wait to watch it again snuggled up on the couch and hiding under a blanket. Maybe not under the blanket, I wouldn't want to miss a minute of this movie. I really look forward to any new movies Paul Travers, writer, creates. If you love horror, don't miss this one!