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Mute (2018)

February. 23,2018
| Thriller Science Fiction Mystery
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A mute man with a violent past is forced to take on the teeming underworld of a near-future Berlin as he searches for his missing girlfriend.


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David Kohen (heisenberg83)

Glad I ignored the critics & naysayers on this one as I thoroughly enjoyed it & actually look forward to watching it again soon. I'm a huge Blade Runner fan, so I really admired the homage this film plays to that classic. Even the multiple characters, with unique arcs & quirks was really enjoyable. It was fun to see Paul Rudd play so against type. The film looks beautiful, has a great futuristic score & ties in well with another excellent Duncan Jones film. In an age where every Hollywood sci fi blockbuster dwells on brainless action & violence, it baffles me why Duncan Jones has been so ripped apart by the critics for trying to make a thinking man's sci-fi movie which immerses the viewer in a gripping, scary & intelligent world & plot. Give it a try. I'll be watching it again very soon I think.


I can't understand the level of negative reviews here. The acting is excellent (especially Paul Rudd. Had no idea he could act like that... just watch and you'll know), the characters are well developed, the story is reasonably original yet rendered in a very original way as is the take on some alternate type future reality... which was just deftly portrayed to an amazing level of detail without feeling like it was borrowing ideas. Such a difficult thing to do at this point in time. Soundtrack was excellent, lots of emotions running through this. It's such a well crafted and entertaining movie all around. If you're interested in this genre I'd strongly suggest you give it a chance and make up your own mind.


This is my first review on imdb. The cinematography in this piece is on point. The characters and roles unexpected, which though some people have criticised in their reviews, in my opinion was a true plus.The performances were convincingly over the top, and really made this film shine.Though the budget for this film may not have been "blade runner size," the actings truly compensated, and more.Several people have written in their reviews that it doesn't make sense, the story line doesn't go anywhere, etc. Simply untrue.If the speed or pace don't seem to make sense, you just need to pay closer attention. I switched on the subtitles to that I wouldn't have to go back and forth too much.If it was in a theatre, I might have lost myself at a few points and not been able to piece it all together in the end. However, watching this from Netflix and being able to pause, reflect, and continue, there was nothing left unexplained, unless intentionally.There were tiny little teasers tastefully sprinkled through this film. There were cringeworthy moments, so sweetly short that before you could turn away from the screen, would be over.I had to write this review because if you were not to watch this film, you truly would be missing out on something.Films like these are hard to come by, and pick out through all the garbage that floats at the surface of Netflix.Nice work by them, and I hope they continue developing unlikely storylines and scenarios such as this one.


This movie definitely had its moments, particularly in terms of Alexander Skarsgård and his character. I might have stopped watching out of pure frustration and boredom if it had not been for how interesting I found Skarsgård's character Leo. His character cannot speak but, that does not hinder his ability to communicate nonverbally. He is Amish and does not drink or use technology, but works as a bartender and lives in a technologically advanced society.The movie itself suffers from an inconsistent and bland plot as well as too much attention to Paul Rudd's Cactus and Justin Theroux's Duck. Rudd does a great job with what he has, balancing being a good father to his daughter Josie and his seedy workplace and connections. If you minimized some of his scenes and cut out some of the unnecessary parts, he would be a great addition to the story.One of the biggest issues I have with the story is the character of Duck. He detracts from the plot and serves as an unnecessary character. If you removed his character entirely, it would have almost no impact on the plot itself however there is a large focus on him. His only purpose is to make the audience uncomfortable in the worst kind of way and to almost make Rudd's character look more sympathetic.There are some great scenes and the cinematography is breath-taking at times. The world isn't "vaguely futuristic," but rather rich and realistic. If the movie did one thing right (other than the casting) it's the world this story creates. It really had a lot of potential, but it lost track of the plot at times, choosing to focus on unnecessary things and characters.