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Paddington 2

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Paddington 2 (2017)

November. 09,2017
| Adventure Comedy Family
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Paddington, now happily settled with the Browns, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy, but it is stolen.


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As someone who thoroughly enjoyed the first 'Paddington' movie, this sequel was a must see for me. Not only does it not disappoint, as so many hyped movie sequels do, it exceeds all expectations and is arguably the better of the two films. 'Paddington 2' is another visual feast - the warm, vibrant animation is just phenomenal and a delight to watch, and the London setting is once again captured perfectly.In terms of the plot, I actually think 'Paddington 2' is even more enjoyable than its predecessor. It's full of ideas and creativity and contains so many laughs and memorable individual scenes. The cast is also brilliant, with the two Hughs (Grant & Bonneville) delivering particularly entertaining performances in their roles. And of course, Paddington is as charming as ever. This is another perfect family film and a sequel that, for once, lives up to all expectations.


"Paddington 2" is as sweet, funny and heartwarming as the first one. The cast's performances (and Ben Whishaw's voice acting) is equal if not better than the previous film. Hugh Grant is a funny, charming and welcome addition to the cast


GRADE: B THIS FILM IS RECOMMENDED.IN BRIEF: Beary charming.JIM'S REVIEW: Paddington 2 is wonderful family fare. This sequel, solidly directed again by Paul King, still loses its way a bit in its contemporary updating, but it has enough visuals to continually delight. Spirited sight gags and slapstick moments are aplenty. The CGI is consistently strong and the voiceover work by Ben Whishaw is superb in its childlike wondrous vocal tones as our furry idealist. The animation, a mix of stop motion, computer generated, and hand-drawn renderings, is impressive. (Perhaps the film's highlight involved Paddington's imaginative journey in a pop-up book world that is stunningly conceived and executed. The cinematography by Erik Wilson flows with its aerial views and kinetic lensing. Gary Williamson's production direction, very reminiscent of Wes Anderson's The Great Budapest Hotel with its pink and teal palette, is cleverly detailed and its surreal dollhouse settings hide its rather standard plot-driven screenplay by Simon Farnaby and the director. Dario Marianelli's jaunty score adds a perfect touch of whimsy.The story involves Paddington's goal to buy an antique book for his aunt's 100th birthday. He decides to take various jobs to earn money with madcap antics in tow. However, he is not the only who wants this tome. Enter Hugh Grant as Phoenix Buchanan, a has-been actor and master of disguises, who plans to steal the valuable text and has Paddington framed for the crime. Villainy is foremost to make Paddington's travails remotely entertaining and Mr. Grant as the hammy thespian is a joy. His comic performance adds a certain vaudeville flavor and cartoonish conflict that works beautifully.The perfectly British cast is a gathering of today's film royalty with the likes of Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, and Tom Conti. Their roles are subservient to our animated hero and their characters lack any real sense of interest; they are only props in the plot mechanism that runs this machine. In fact, the Brown family and their neighbors somewhat slow down the action. One major exception in the human cast, beside the aforementioned Mr. Grant: Brendan Gleeson creates an extremely memorable character as hardened criminal, Knuckles McGinty, who develops a soft spot for Mr. Bear. Paddington 2 is deliciously charming. Simply said, it is as sweet and smooth as orange marmalade.


So happy to see our beloved bear "back on stage". He made a thunderous comeback, old good looking as always, ready to shake the audience and bring them some laughter. The adventures he has call for brand new friends, who are eager to help him achieve his goals and complete his tasks. I invite to join him on his majestic journey through the wildness of London. It'll be quite a ride.