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Love in the Time of Monsters

Love in the Time of Monsters (2014)

March. 08,2014
| Horror Comedy

Two sisters travel to a cheesy tourist trap where they battle toxic monsters dressed in bigfoot costumes in order to save the ones they love.


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Excellent but underrated film


I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.

Kristina Faricelli

Sensational! Loved it! It's hilarious, crazy insane, scary, and romantic all wrapped up in one movie. Buying 2 DVDs to give as gifts.The entire movie was a blast to watch and the intro was unlike anything I've seen before. The creative minds behind this movie are geniuses and the actors/actresses made it a huge hit. They really know how to keep you on the edge of your seat.Another added bonus is the musical score composition which was exceptionally written and executed in prime form. The movie wouldn't have been the same without it. There's nothing quite as fun as music that gets your blood pumping and has you wondering whether to grab a pillow to cover your eyes or gets you to scream before the scene actually unravels. This movie is a total package! Ten stars all the way.


Two sisters Carla and Marla (Marissa Skell and Gena Shaw) are on their way to a tourist trap known as "Uncle Slavko's All-American Family Lodge" with its prominent themes of America and Bigfoot. Carla is there because she wants to surprise her boyfriend who works there and Marla just wants to have a good time. Meanwhile, the lodge's Bigfoot mascots led by Lou (Kane Hodder) accidentally fall into a pond contaminated with toxic waste. This toxic waste causes them to become hungry, flesh-eating, monsters with one of them being Carla's boyfriend. These Bigfoots are now on a bloodthirsty rampage, killing and eating anything in sight. Now both sisters and the inhabitants of the lodge must fight for their survival.I came into this with low expectations. This film exceeded them. When you see a film called "Love in the Time of Monsters", you immediately think its one of those "so bad that its good" films but it's better than that. The film stays away from that for the most part but does briefly touch it. More about that later. The first thing you'll notice is how good it looks, it looks very clean but also a little grainy like old horror films. I found that it and also the soundtrack added to the ambiance the film was trying to create.The acting was also pretty decent for this kind of film. It really saved the dialogue which came off as cheesy a lot of the time but I thought it fit with the story. I liked how it was more of a comedy than horror and that it didn't take itself too seriously which kept me interested in the story. I laughed a lot more than what I expected. I also liked that it had the right amount of gore and violence which made the bigfoots more scary in that we saw what they were capable of. Since they were originally human, they felt real in that the powers they got were not too over-the- top. I enjoyed how fake the animatronic animals looked. They were so bad but the actors were still committed. The film starts off a little slow but when it gets going, it really does get going. That brings me to my favorite part of the film which is near the end, and that's all I'm going to say to not spoil anything. Overall, with parts that seem like they would not work together that do, a fun story, good special effects, and acting, Love in the Time of Monsters is a fun and entertaining film that both amateur and die-hard horror fans will enjoy.Score: 8/10 keithlovesmovies.com


Costume monsters, cheesy one-liners, and over-the-top characters are usually a recipe for disaster-and not in the good, "we all love a good disaster"-way. However "Love In The Time Of Monsters" finds that magic sweet spot that brings all this madness together beautifully. Writer Michael Skvarla expresses a mildly genius ability to create a story that is fun, full of energy, and fast- paced with characters and situations that are truly entertaining. The fact that Matt Jackson took that vision and brought it to life in such a clever way, blending classic 80's styled humor, and special effects while giving a true to now experience is phenomenal. "Love In The Time Of Monsters" is really beyond the basic indie monster movie, and proves there are still plenty of original stories alive in horror. The story itself sets up a group of vacationers and residents at a wilderness tourist trap against some pretty unnatural circumstances. Toxic waste, viral mutants, and nature gone wild bring mayhem and carnage to the great outdoors. A Bigfoot themed, All-American vacation spot with a Croatian-American owner, Bigfoot costumes, plenty of bad one-liners, zombie critters, and human mutants make "Love In The Time Of Monsters" a fun, witty horror/comedy that plays on both classic and modern concepts of relationships, love and horror. So much of this film and the direction taken to bring it to life should have and could have went wrong but somehow it all comes together to make one pretty awesome movie.The acting is tight, with quick dialog delivered on time by a cast that brings their A game. The story is really does have a bit of everything mixed in with an almost slasher-esque atmosphere and setting, zombie/mutants, gore, comedy, even some boobs pop out in a "Zombeavers" like moment of bloody fun. There are a few moments where dialog falls flat, and characters step a bit over the line of authenticity but well over 95% of everything written and given in "Love In The Time Of Monsters" is just so on point and great that the flubs just don't matter much. The special effects are, as I said, a big ole bag of practical awesomeness with blood, guts, and gore. There is a tiny bit of CGI that does cheapen a one or two moments in the film but considering "Love In The Time Of Monsters" is a film with flesh-eating mutants running around in Bigfoot costumes, zombie wildlife, and characters who seem too cool for school in that comedy way, the CGI is not a big downer. Plus most of the effects in this thing are old school, organic methods of monster movie making that, thanks to killer directing, writing, and clever acting, give one entertaining viewing experience.The soundtrack and sound effects are pure energy. The hard rock, heavy metal soundtrack takes the atmosphere up a notch while feeling reminiscent of classic 80's horror. The sound effects offer up atmospheric chills that are both dark and fun. Overall "Love In The Time Of Monsters" is a great indie monster movie. Even the "real" Bigfoot makes an appearance to save the day. He is a bit costume-y, but much like the animatronic critters and tongue-in-cheek dialog, it just works. This is a film that all of horror's fans, both the hardcore "dark material" fans and the horror comedy fans. Definitely check out "Love In The Time Of Monsters", it is a film that you don't expect to be so damn good but it just is!


For this Genera, comedy/horror Go into this film knowing what you want...To Laugh, at morbid things basically. It was perfect, with great acting, the storytelling was very well done, it carried the film all the way beginning until the end. The fact that I didn't know the story prior, was the best part, the shock-factor was really good( I had no clue what was going to happen & I have seen thousands of films)The film is more comedy than horror, it is meant to be cheesy and to not be taken seriously, and I didn't, I laughed, and laughed and laughed and laughed out loud so many times, it was a Super Fun Film to watch! Incredibly Entertaining! And In My Opinion, that is why I watch Movies...It Was Fantastic!