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The Wolf of Wall Street

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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

December. 25,2013
| Drama Comedy Crime
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A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiography.


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To me, this movie is perfection.


the audience applauded


Pretty Good

Janae Milner

Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.


Personally a fan of any work Scorsese does, and added with Leonardo DiCaprio who is a brilliant actor I love this film. Matthew McConaughey was hilarious with his character & would recommend this film to anyone. Also good to check out the real story behind it and why DiCaprio & Scorsese made this film a hit.


I wrote this review originally and trashed it. And I still will, but thanks to a Chris Stuckmann video I just watched-I am going to first say why the movie gains 2 stars. I kept watching the 3 hour movie because the plot kept me intrigued. But what happens IN the story was nasty. *There are countless orgy sequences.*Over 500 uses of the F word-with other curse words seamed through the sentences.*The main character-the anti-hero, commits adultery. *A character states that he married his cousin. If that doesn't disturb you, he says if he got a mentally challenged baby he would release it into the country and tell them to "be free." *Women are objectified throughout- i.e., women are seen nude more than men(like in the orgy scenes), and the man married to his cousin tells a woman that he owns her since his money is on her boobs.*Characters use drugs and it's supposed to look glamorous.*Leo maries the woman that he cheats on his first wife with-just because he is now single.*There is a scene in which he hits his 2nd wife for wanting a divorce. (Basically stating: "You don't want to stay with me?" POW! "You better want to!" POW! "You love me NOW?" POW!)* Before this fight occurs- Leo and his wife have sex. So when she pleads for divorce, he asks something like: "You had sex with me and now you want to divorce me?" Yes, because sex=love. NO! It's making love when you already have it! If sex and love is the same thing, then milk is the same thing as ice cream! And last but most certainly not least:*2 minutes in, Leo snorts cocaine down a woman's BEHIND-and no, I am NOT making that up!And there are other inappropriate things that I could mention, but you get the idea, right? This has a ton of critical and audience reception-which disgusts me. How can people enjoy this filth and yet trash a movie like Caligula-which actually succeeds as a movie in this subject matter.(See my review for that.)I also saw half of it with my Grandma because she made dinner half way in(and walked in at that "2 minutes in" part) and she hated it more than I did!I went through some teasing for not liking this disgusting content and that sickens me even more. I have cousins who liked the movie since the plot was interesting. Sure, I get that-but the near-porn bogs it down. There is not a single person that I could personally recommend it to. It disgusted me, made my ear drums want to break from the shouting and profanity, and I took Tums from guilt in seeing an orgy in slow motion. The only reason that I sat through it all is that I reserved 3 hours of my life to watch it and like I said-the plot is interesting. But watching this movie is my biggest regret in life. Let that sink in. I hold it as a lesson that I should consider what is worth watching. I saw both I Spit On Your Graves, Caligula, and Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom-but enjoyed them since they seemed to have an importance to their content. This, however, does not.Martin Scorsese just made a movie called Silence-and that is the best movie I have ever seen. See that and skip this.


Loved the story and how realistic the story is to real life wall street


This project started when Dicaprio outbid Brad Pitt to buy rights for the movie. One of the main reasons he bought it was because Dicaprio felt he was perfect match for the role.Then he hired Terrence winter to write a script and Scorsese to direct.So this is basically a project Dicaprio wanted to make. The problem here is this movie is juggling lot of things. 1)Dicaprio doesnt want to loose his boxoffice appeal, so if the movie is made like a dark character study then it wouldnt make its budget back. 2)Its desire to portray debauchery on screen authentically using huge sums of money meant that there is lot of weight on it to make money back. 3)Oscars like winking devil like Daniel plainview from there will be blood...but they dont like pure evil like Ralph fiennes in schindlers list or Michael fassbender in 12 yrs slave..so they portrayed jordan belfort as this ambitious guy changed by the system felt kinda pandering. 4)Focus of story is on all the wrong areas...yes you can show boobs, sex, debauchery but at the same time you need a contrast element in the storyline to show the excess. 5) This might be the main thing..one group of fanbase you can always trust to show up time and again is young men between 12 and 30.....if you can tap into this demographic..they will show up time and again like MCU or DCEU. Dicaprio tapped into this fanbase somewhere around inception and django. So if he can make movies that this group enjoys then they will keep showing up and that age range is ready to idolize someone.The are just waiting for a idol figure. Key thing to appeal to them is play roles that are Macho,Rule breaker,Anti heroic,Dark,Brooding,,Leader of people,Filled with revenge aka brooding and roles like that. As long as you stick to those, this demographic will show up and Dicaprio is banking on it every single movie.He morphed this sleazy banker into those archetypes. So all these checkboxes are met in making this movie and we ended up with a dark comedic 21 jump street movie with a prestige picture kind of touch by a auteur director in scorsese. So we end up with a movie that spends way more time on excess to the point of making it look cool.


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