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The Watch

The Watch (2012)

July. 27,2012
| Action Comedy Science Fiction

Four everyday suburban guys come together as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they have no choice but to save their neighborhood - and the world - from total extermination.


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Too much of everything


It is a performances centric movie


The story-telling is good with flashbacks.The film is both funny and heartbreaking. You smile in a scene and get a soulcrushing revelation in the next.


The plot isn't so bad, but the pace of storytelling is too slow which makes people bored. Certain moments are so obvious and unnecessary for the main plot. I would've fast-forwarded those moments if it was an online streaming. The ending looks like implying a sequel, not sure if this movie will get one


Being someone that enjoys the work of Stiller, Vaughn and Hill, this was something I thought would be pretty enjoyable. Instead, I found that there weren't many laughs to be found, though I enjoyed Richard Ayoade. I didn't know who he was at the time, but have since come to enjoy his work immensely! The main problem with this film, simply, is that it isn't funny. It confuses dumb, violent and sexual situations with humor. It was written originally as a Ghostbusters-esque PG-13 film, which probably would have been better, but was then rewritten by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who's work I'm not particularly fond of. Richard Ayoade was the best part of this for me, but even so, the crude humor just doesn't work in the film's case. Almost all of the jokes fall flat, or feel awkward and generally it just wasn't an enjoyable experience for me. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's close.


This movie is the most original comedy movie I've ever seen and I've seen a ton of movies and I think this movie is very underrated like people are treating this movie badly you need to please give this movie attention you can watch itAnywhere right now with fxnow and it's very short it's like 90 minutes just please watching this movie support because I am DB's ratings are all like people who have strong opinions we need to get this movie up to a 9.0


Distraught over the violent murder of a night shift employee, a variety store manager with too much time on his hands forms a neighbourhood watch, only to find his recruits more interested in socialising and having a good time in this jovial comedy with a science fiction twist. Much of the humour is extremely low-brow and the film is never consistently funny, but the first half is certainly propelled greatly by the gradual bonding between the four main characters. Richard Ayoade (from TV's 'The IT Crowd') and Jonah Hill are particular standouts, but even Vince Vaughn's initially obnoxious character is eventually revealed to be both a deeply caring parent and very lonely isolated man. The science fiction content only works to a limited degree though and rather than strengthen the bonds between the characters, it mostly just leads to lots of mindless action and explosions; certainly many earlier films have done much more with the aliens in suburbia premise - though this is probably the only film which has its characters dance with an alien corpse (!) in one of the film's most bizarre (if silly) scenes. The creature effects are certainly quite decent and there are some pretty neat makeup effects in the mix too, but it is hard not to wonder what the film would have looked like without the science fiction angle. There is a lot of interest in the dynamic of four men joining a neighbourhood security program simply as a way to meet people, but this gets a tad lost here amid the aliens and gross-out humour. When the film is genuinely funny, however, it is very, very funny.

Python Hyena

The Watch (2012): Dir: Akiva Schaffer / Cast: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, Rosemarie DeWitt: We have two factors here. We have an alien invasion that first strikes at a Costco where a security guard is found splattered throughout the discount sections. Then we have four males who assemble and set out to conquer the problem only to discover that their foe is from outer space. Ben Stiller leads the group as the Costco manager whose background has him involved in numerous support groups. His big hang up is that he cannot get his wife pregnant. Vince Vaughn plays a father whose teenage daughter is involved in a relationship that he forbids. Jonah Hill plays a guy who failed to become a cop. He still lives at home with his mother where he pretends to be independent. Richard Ayoade plays a new neighbour who brings forth comic bewilderment as well as a great plot twist. To be fair, the concept here has appeal but this is no Ghostbusters. The subplots allow the characters to have background, however they are also pointless to the central plot. We know that the climax will be over the top violence with a security guard getting his heart ripped out. The special effects are familiar but work within the alien conventions. The actors are completely type cast but they will appeal to hardcore fans. Smaller roles are another story though. Rosemarie DeWitt plays Stiller's wife and a host of others make brief cameos. Ghostbusters has a more specific agenda with its reality fantasy worldview but fans of the comedians are the one who will desire to watch this spectacle. Score: 5 ½ / 10