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Batman Forever

Batman Forever (1995)

June. 16,1995
| Fantasy Action Crime

Batman must battle a disfigured district attorney and a disgruntled former employee with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat.


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Just perfect...


The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.

Ariella Broughton

It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.

Mathilde the Guild

Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.


Better than Batman and robin but still mediocre film. It tries too hard to combine Tim Burtons characters with their campy earlier versions. The result is unsatisfying movie thats more of a product than a actual piece of decent scripting!

Johnny H.

Batman Forever was a sign of things getting truly batshit crazy for the Batman franchise. The last two films were great iterations of The Dark Knight but Warner Brothers wanted things to be lightened-up for younger audiences as opposed to Tim Burton's German-Expressionistic style of directing. Enter Joel Schumacher, the man who eventually crippled the franchise with Batman & Robin TWO YEARS after he did Batman Forever. Well, at least he kept his style of filmmaking consistent with the two movies: hamming it up to the point of no return, until Chris Nolan resurrected the franchise with Batman Begins in 2005 (thank Christ).So, is this film so sinfully bad that anyone who likes it deserves to be crucified to high-heaven and back? No. But it's not all that good either. Batman Forever has become a widely forgotten-about blockbuster because of how inoffensive it was. It still is, but the precedent it set for Batman & Robin was not. This so-so movie was just a sign of things to come in the broader sense of things.As a lifelong Batman fan, I can easily this is one Batman film you can happily skip during your next Batman-athon. This is filler material incarnate.

Duff Chastain

This movie is a lot different from, and in my opinion much inferior to, the first two entries in the (original) Batman movie franchise. I think it's because they had new creative people in place (the new director but also some new cast), and they took the movie into a much too cartoon-like direction. I thought the original Batman movie (1989) was fantastic, and I know a lot of people actually disliked Batman Returns but I still thought it was a very good, entertaining movie. But this movie I thought was a clunker, and the one after this (Batman and Robin) is a complete disaster.You'll enjoy the series if you stop after the second one, when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton both left the series. Trust me.

Kyle Swanson

Now I'm not going to review the first two Batman movies (Directed by Tim Burton, one of my favorite Directors), because I did see them before, but I think those are films that need to speak to themselves, I think they're well made and are just heartwarming (According to me) when watching them. So I'm just going to cut to this one, I do looks at this particular film quite interesting which lead to me wanting to talk about it. This film, eh. As just a movie, it well entertaining, got ton of mostly great action, a decent story, and overall just a good flick, but all of that makes this movie's score completely boiled down by the fact it's a batman film, as being a PG-13 rated film like the first two, but with a whole different director (Joel Schumacher) and a new style, it just easily ruins some things here and there, but yet at the same time there are some general praises I'll give to this film.Basically there much to say about the story that there's a new villain in Gotham, calling himself Two-Face, who use to be a District Attorney named Harvey Dent, who just basically causing chaos in Gotham, for pretty much no reason, I guess Insanity, and of-course it up for Batman to stop this like always. Meanwhile, there's what will eventually be another new villain, Dr. Edward Nygma, is on a revengeful mission I guess, by completing ending-up losing his mind, and then became the "Riddler" and decide to joined Two-Face's range of terror in Gotham, as like his partner-in-crime, and it up for Batman, and eventually later, Robin, to stop these Lunatics. Yeah, it basically that.I really to start this off with the Characters by talking about Two-Face, who I really despises the most about this movie. Now Two-Face is one of my favorite batman villains, just his concept I always seems to like, and he's actually one of my favorite characters from the Animated Series, due to the fact he was just a deeply emotional character. Here however, he not that Emotional, and he's basically like some Joker knock-off, it just pretty much ruins his character. He showed acting like a Idiot, which is nothing like Two-Face from the comics or the cartoon was even like, he was more intelligent than this. There one scene in particular, that totally makes me just disappointed with how they made him in this, he flip his coin, gotten to the normal side, and decide to flip it again to the mess-up side, just what the hell, he already made-up his FREAKING MIND!!! I thought the decide of his burned face was just sloppy, like they hired some bum who is a terrible artist and being the lazy low-life he is, just butchered it. Riddler on the other hand, I honestly kinda like in this movie, I totally think he would be this fun anyways, like I like the fact they turn him into like how you imagined a Psycho would be like, laughing insanely, all of this world he developing it just great, going back to how this is fun to watch as just a film, not a batman film, this is one of the reason, and I thought comedy legend Jim Carrey, did a well-done job, I love his first scene in this film as just blain Edward Nygma, just a good emotion he shows, better than how Two-Face is seen, my god. Batman I thought was kinda okay in this, now I like they kinda at least tries their best at making Batman kinda of a menacing guy to Criminals, and they did their best, so does Val Kilmer, but he's no Michael Kenton, I like however they actually made a better batman costume than the one in the first two, because it was just might been hard to even moved that around if you can only imagined, especially in Action scenes, but here they finally put acts together and decide to made a brand new with better speed with it, although I'm not really a big fan of the suit shown at the end of the movie, which was just unnecessary. Robin in this movie, I don't know why they could've cast a much younger, like a actual teenager, it not like Chris O'Donnell did a terrible job here, it just makes more sense that they could've cast someone younger, one big reason is that Bruce Wayne adopted him after his parents dies, which is weird because he looks about in his 20s, but oh-well. His origin story was kinda good in this, I was glad they didn't butchered him here either, well until the next movie. And last and not least, the sexy criminal Psychiatrist, Chase Meridian, played by the gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Now I found more of a interesting love interest for Batman/Bruce Wayne than Nicki Vale from the first movie, despite she was well-attractive. It just about Meridian's personality and her relationship with Bruce Wayne and Batman was just amusing and at the same time interesting to see.So overall, as there quite a-bit of problems like the new design of Gotham, boy don't get me started, all I'm going to say it just not fitting to the name, and yeah, but I said its an entertaining film, but as a batman movie, no. So if you want to entertain yourself with something, like maybe a guilty pressure, I would recommend you checking this out, but if you want to see a good well-done Batman movie, stay away from this.