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Envy (2004)

April. 30,2004
| Comedy
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A man becomes increasingly jealous of his friend's newfound success.


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I seen this movie on DVD not long after it was released and thought it was odd there was a Jack Black/ Ben Stiller movie I'd never heard of so I bought it, I now know why I'd never heard of it because they disowned it...watched it once and the DVD still sits on my shelf over a decade later ( I really don't know why, I may watch it again someday but I doubt it )


Since watching this, I rate all movies on a scale of Envy to 10. I've yet to find another that I dislike more.


Ben Stiller plays Tim Dingman, who quickly grows tired of his friend succeeding in everything (he's by the way played by Jack Black). Unfortunately, he goes so far to ruin it for him that he accidentally kills his horse. How will he solve the problem? A strange guy called "J- Man" comes to the "rescue"... I am absolutely puzzled as to why this movie is so looked down at. When it comes to comedies, I can often at least SLIGHTLY understand why people dislike it, but when it comes to this case, it's just weird. It's not overly stupid, the plot is not too unbelievable and the characters are funny and likable. Surely it can't be only because it's a dark comedy? I know the situation in this movie is pretty awful, but hell, even A Serbian Film is rated better! (Yes, I do kind of look at it as a dark comedy, a PITCH-black one) Could it be due to Jack Black's involvement? I doubt it, he's not even the main character. Maybe it's Christopher Walken? Yeah, RIGHT! Whatever the reason is, I know that I laughed a lot at the same time as I was horrified. The neat thing is that it's also kind of a drama sometimes, so you can truly feel for the character. If you hated it, please give it another chance, and this time with a more open mind. Also, don't hassle me about crumbs man, because I am on the edge of the edge.


First of all, don't go into this one thinking that it's Oscar-worthy, because it's not. Second of all, don't go in thinking that it's the worst movie ever made, because it's not. This movie is a mediocre title that will make you laugh (sometimes when you're not sure why) and groan at times.Honestly, this movie played out almost exactly like I figured it would based on the actors. Stiller plays the goofy, animated nerd that he always plays. Jack Black plays the funny, arms-waving regular guy that he always plays. Walken plays... well, you just have to understand Walken to get how he acts.This movie reminded me of a few movies from the past, most notably Tommy Boy/Black Sheep, and a Jack Black favorite of mine, High Fidelity. If you go in expecting that sort of weird comedy, you'll be fine. The ending is great, BTW.