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Critters 3

Critters 3 (1991)

December. 11,1991
| Horror Comedy Science Fiction

As fanged, furious furballs viciously invade an L.A. apartment building and sink their teeth into the low-rent tenants, Josh leads the battle to beat back the conniving critters and save the planet.


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I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.


In case you don't know, 'Critters 3' is best known for being the first ever film to feature Leonardo DiCaprio. Here, he plays a kid who is a kid. Then, forever after, he was destined to play an adult who looks like a kid. But then that's just me being bitter at his seeming inability to age.Anyway, if you haven't seen 'Critters 3' then you might want to start with the first two, as they're arguably better and, well, chronology and all that. The Critters are little alien monsters who crash-landed on Earth and generally eat everyone and everything – or rather everyone and everything who isn't one of the lead cast. These baddies tend to only eat people you won't really care about. Or at least they certainly do now! I haven't seen another monster/slasher film where the villains do so little damage to so few people. If the Critters franchise was ever really classed as 'horror' (which it wasn't really – it was more only every horror with a spoonful of comedy). Now, it really is played out tongue-in-cheek with no real attempts to scare you. The Critters roll and bounce around the place, bumping into things and come across more like Mr Bean with bigger teeth than anything that really threatens humankind.Critters 3 is a short film. And for good reason. There really isn't that much in the way of plot to fill it. You get the little monsters brought back from the countryside into a big city. You'd think that with the added number of human-prey this would make a change from the farm-country the previous two were set in. However, the whole film is basically set in one apartment block. And, for some reason, no one (Critter or human) ever really seems to make much of a play to leave the building. You could argue that this creates an air of tension and claustrophobia. But it doesn't. It's just a cheap continuation of the franchise.Yes, I know I'm being kind of negative. And this is yet another step down for the franchise. But that's not to say that I didn't find some enjoyment in it. The Critters themselves – one again – are the real stars and, for all their 'prat-falls' they're still quite fun to watch.If you like your eighties monster-horror films then you're probably best off sticking to the first one (which most people seem to think is best, personally, I preferred part 2, but anyway...). However, if you REALLY like the Critters and want to see more of them, you can try this – it's the sort of film where you can surf the net and watch it at the same time and still miss much. Plus, did I mention it had baby-faced Leo in it? He's being chased my fur-balls – c'mon, that's got to be worth watching, right?


On a road-trip with her family, a teen and her brother encounter a strange creature that manages to follow them to their apartment- complex in the city and begin eating the residents forcing a former fighter to help stop the creatures.This one was quite the fun and highly enjoyable entries in the series. There's not much really wrong here with this one and most of that really stems from the fact that there's just a way too long beginning that holds off the creature's appearance until much later than expected here. The trip through the countryside and meeting up with the different residents of the complex aren't all that impressive or exciting efforts throughout here watching this, and it really does get this off to a somewhat sluggish beginning. Coupled with the again heavy cheesiness on display, these here are the film's few problems that do crop up here that makes for a few small problems but not nearly enough here to hold off the far more impressive and enjoyable amount of fun featured along the way here. Again, the film's inherent cheesiness and absolutely goofy creatures at the forefront of the film are a major part of the film's enjoyment as this one manages to get a lot of mileage out of them. The very nature of featuring them in the same exact set-up as before, with their hairy-reptilian appearance and miniature stature that practically devours everything in their path allows for some silly comedy to come from them breaking into the apartment and watching a cooking show on the television set or eating through the entire apartment simply because they're left alone inside, being able to contemplate strategy sessions and a plan of attack which manage to get some nice laughs with their cheesy natures all work together into making for some cheesy good times. The fact that there's some thrilling suspense moments as well gives this some even bigger pluses which manages to give this the same sort of feeling that occurred in the original where it gives this it's biggest plus, from the encounter in the laundry-room basement, the family's first encounter on the hallway leading to their battle to barricade the apartment from the creatures and the different encounters up in the attic where they finally manage to get away from the creatures gives this plenty of thrilling action scenes all built on the idea of the fun, goofy creatures still being perceived as a threat with their voracious appetite leading to the fun here. Along with the great manner of bringing them to life here, these here manage to make this one a fun and enjoyable addition to the franchise.Rated PG-13: Violence and Language.


I don't see how this is any worse than Critters and Critters 2...it's awesome! Critters 3 is very good and has plenty of laugh-out loud moments and moments that'll make you on the edge of your seat! Critters 3 is about a family going to stay at an apartment (or hotel, I forgot,) and they accidentally bring critter eggs to the building. The eggs start to hatch and try and find dinner in the apartment (or hotel) before they get really hungry! There was quite an emotional and comical scene when someone's step father gets eaten by the critters, and this may disturb some viewers. However, apart from that, the movie was great! This movie is definitely underrated and deserves at least 3 stars. This movie is very good. 7/10


A group of people find themselves face-to-face with the ravenous, intergalactic toothy terrors known as Krites, and must battle for their lives—this time in a run down, inner-city tenement block. Help eventually arrives in the form of heavily armed Krite hunter Charlie (Don Opper) and chaos ensues.Critters 3 is most notable for being the less-than-auspicious movie debut of triple Oscar-nominated, Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio. Unsurprisingly, Leo acquits himself rather well, doing all one could really ask of a kid acting opposite crap hand puppets, but with the script being little more than an uninspired rehash of elements from the previous two efforts, even the acting talent of DiCaprio cannot prevent this from being very mediocre B-movie nonsense.Also starring a young Aimee Brooks, the total hottie from 2003 horror flick Monster Man, and Joseph and Christian Cousins, who played the sickeningly cute kid from Kindergarten Cop.