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Season 12

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Fast N' Loud Season 12

July. 07,2019
| Reality
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Richard is putting everything on the line in hopes of taking Gas Monkey Garage to new heights and a new level of success in the hotrod world. The new season brings incredible builds, iconic stunts and record payouts along with a set of new challenges that will put Gas Monkey Garage to the ultimate test. With builds bigger than ever before, Richard's team wrestles with intricate projects, impossible deadlines and Richard's demanding standards.


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Fast N' Loud Season 12 Full Episode Guide

Episode 11 - No Second Chances
First Aired: September. 23,2019

The Monkeys put the pedal to the metal in their final attempt to finish the '72 Buick Riviera super-build in time for SEMA. The team's integrity is on the line and $300,000 has been invested so failure is not an option.

Episode 10 - Thunderstruck
First Aired: September. 16,2019

Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys battle numerous setbacks including an act of God as they race to finish their old-time NASCAR tribute build. Then an old friend talks Richard into working on a dubious "classic," an '85 Zimmer.

Episode 9 - Chevy Chase
First Aired: September. 16,2019

It's a double-barreled blast of NASCAR as Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkeys dive into stock car racing; first, they turn a 1952 Chevy Coupe into a fire-breathing dirt track racer, and then Richard partners with NASCAR royalty.

Episode 8 - A Very Brady Edition
First Aired: September. 02,2019

When Barry Williams asks Richard and the Monkeys to recreate the iconic Brady Bunch station wagon for HGTV, Richard can't say no. But with only 30 days and several mishaps along the way, the revamped '69 Plymouth Satellite may not make the deadline.

Episode 7 - Keeping It Shelby
First Aired: August. 26,2019

The Monkeys prepare Richard's beloved '68 Mustang for the prestigious Shelby Mustang Meet and Richard buys a one-of-a-kind van once owned by a Mopar icon.

Episode 6 - Monsters and Monkeys
First Aired: August. 19,2019

The Monkeys find themselves in a hot-rod dilemma when their 1950s flat-head isn't tailor-made for their 1933 Ford pickup, as a looming deadline approaches; Richard travels west to buy a far-out 1970s van, and the garage heads to Monster Jam.

Episode 5 - Chop Shop Truck
First Aired: August. 12,2019

Richard Rawlings makes Brian Bass an offer he can't refuse to turn his antique Ford into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck. And Richard is seeing green over a 1970 Cuda, but transit trouble has the rest of the Monkeys seeing red.

Episode 4 - SEMA Dreamin'
First Aired: August. 05,2019

The Monkeys raise the bar at Gas Monkey Garage with a mind-blowing super-build they plan to debut at SEMA.

Episode 3 - Beyond Reasonable Scout
First Aired: July. 22,2019

The Monkeys race to be the first-ever to drop a Hellcat motor in their '79 International Scout and fulfill Richard's quest to fetch the world record for the most-expensive ever sold. And Richard tries to convince a friend to buy a '63 Stingray.

Episode 2 - Scout's Honor
First Aired: July. 15,2019

Richard Rawlings and the Monkeys forge gear-head history, to be the first to pack a '79 Scout with a 707 horsepower Hellcrate engine for a huge payday. Then, after Feds busted its last owner, will Richard retake his famous Ferrari "Dark Horse?"

Episode 1 - Bullitt in the Chamber
First Aired: July. 08,2019

Richard Rawlings and the Monkeys are handed a huge challenge when Chad McQueen asks them to take a 1968 Fastback Mustang and turn it into the iconic muscle car for a recreation of Hollywood's most famous move car chase.


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