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Season 5

Endeavour Season 5

February. 05,2018
| Drama Crime Mystery

It's now 1968. Endeavour’s promotion leads him to reluctantly mentor new recruit Fancy, while Thursday is thinking about life after the police. But in Oxford, crime never sleeps. Will things at Cowley Police Station ever be the same again?


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Endeavour Season 5 Full Episode Guide

Episode 6 - Icarus
First Aired: March. 11,2018

After the mysterious disappearance of a teacher, Endeavour finds himself investigating the dark and secret world of a public school.

Episode 5 - Quartet
First Aired: March. 04,2018

An assassination attempt at an international sporting event opens a new case for Endeavour and Thursday, but their investigation is quickly brought to an unexpected end.

Episode 4 - Colours
First Aired: February. 25,2018

A photo-shoot on an army base turns sinister when one of the models is found dead. But the investigation is complicated when Sam Thursday is revealed to be involved.

Episode 3 - Passenger
First Aired: February. 18,2018

The railway takes centre stage as Endeavour investigates the disappearance of a local woman - with initial fears linking it to the unsolved murder of a teenager, killed several years earlier.

Episode 2 - Cartouche
First Aired: February. 11,2018

Hollywood glamour comes to Oxford as the stars of a new horror movie sequel begin filming in the city. Meanwhile, the unexplained poisoning of a former detective sergeant leads Endeavour and Thursday to a local cinema, which is playing host the film's stars in a special event.

Episode 1 - Muse
First Aired: February. 04,2018

The newly promoted Detective Sergeant Morse investigates when a famous international thief tries to steal a Faberge egg from an auction. The case leads to the gruesome murders of an academic and a gangster, and Morse is convinced the deaths are the work of the same man. As he struggles with his new responsibilities, he finds himself forced to mentor a younger partner.


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