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Entrapment (1999)

April. 30,1999
| Drama Mystery Romance

Two thieves, who travel in elegant circles, try to outsmart each other and, in the process, end up falling in love.


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Fresh and Exciting


It's funny watching the elements come together in this complicated scam. On one hand, the set-up isn't quite as complex as it seems, but there's an easy sense of fun in every exchange.


Clever, believable, and super fun to watch. It totally has replay value.


Funny, strange, confrontational and subversive, this is one of the most interesting experiences you'll have at the cinema this year.


The presence of Sean Connery can often rescue a dire movie but not when it is a truly dire movie because one of the main actors, Catherine Zeta Jones, has not talent whatsoever. This Welsh woman can mimic an American accent but that is all she does, mimic not convince, nor can she convince us that she is a savvy , experienced, hard-nosed insurance investigator. Without her, the movie might have been a success, but her presence was required because she was married to Michael Douglas. She has never provided a memorable performance in any of her movies, and not even in the little English TV comedy drama from which she sprang. She cannot even make the light romance with a much older man, Connery, believable, even though she had plenty of experience with her aged husband.

Python Hyena

Entrapment (1999): Dir: Jon Amiel / Cast: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames, Will Patton, Maury Chaykin: Well crafted action film about being caught but not so much within a crime but within a relationship. It is about technique when committing theft. Sean Connery plays a elderly thief who steals art paintings and Catherine Zeta-Jones plays an agent assigned to bring him in but she wishes to steal the Chinese mask and needs his help. Detailed plot that gets lost in its action scenes particularly in the conclusion where nothing makes sense. Well crafted by director Jon Amiel whose credits include Copycat and The Man Who Knew Too Little. He is successful when it comes to different genres and subjects. Action is exhilarating but it is the psychological aspects of the thieves that draws us in. Connery is excellent as a thief unreeling charm and intelligence as if baiting. Zeta-Jones is graceful in her romantic curiosity and physical skill. Supporting roles are unfortunately cardboard. Ving Rhames and Will Patton appear in flat supporting roles that are beneath the two leads that overshadow it all. This is a film that depends on the strength of its leads because other roles pass through with very little to make them broad or interesting. Clever in its examination of crime and skill with luring romance and stunning sets that may captivate and entrap viewers. Score: 7 / 10


Virginia Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) works for an insurance company, and suspects old master thief Robert MacDougal (Sean Connery) is responsible for the latest improbable theft of a high price artwork. She tracks him down to propose stealing a valuable mask.This has a very weak cat and mouse game between CZJ and Conner. It's more innuendo and sexual gamesmanship than actual compelling story. None of it is worthwhile. The two leads would work better as a grandfather granddaughter team, and has as much sexual chemistry as that. It's an excuse for CZJ to roll around in skin tight clothing and get caught naked. As for the capers and exotic locations, they are a bit of fun distraction. It's kind of sad to see Sean Connery in this.


Cringe-Fest of the first order. Full of expensive Scenes at the expense of anything involving or Entertaining. It even fails as a bit of attractive Fluff. It misses at every turn and is a grueling get-through and an embarrassment to all involved.Sean Connery is a good Actor but his choice of Roles after James Bond is mind boggling. A lot more misses than Hits. CZJ is attractive and competent and can add some dimension to one dimensional Beauty parts, but this is one unattractive Movie.The Plot is laughable, hard to follow at times, seems incompetently disjointed and misfires in all three Acts. The ending is unwatchable and the icing on this deflated cake is the finger down the throat Romance forced on the Audience, when in the beginning they promised not to. This Film fails to deliver on anything it promised.