Wheeler Dealers Season 9

March. 20,2012
| Documentary Reality

Experienced car dealer Mike Brewer is joined by multi-talented mechanics in a monumental motoring mission: to find and restore iconic cars to later sell for a profit at their LA-based shop. In the series, Mike has the challenging job of finding vehicles that have money-making potential. He then hands them over to a mechanic, who tackles everything from bare metal re-sprays to gearbox swaps to bring them back to their former glory.


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Wheeler Dealers Season 9 Full Episode Guide

Episode 15 - Mercedes SLK
First Aired: November. 06,2012

Mike sets out to prove you can make money on a car without spending a fortune. Can Edd fix up the cheapest SLK in the country on an exceptionally tight budget?

Episode 14 - Ford Mustang
First Aired: October. 30,2012

Mike buys a classic Ford Mustang, made famous by Steve McQueen in the film Bullitt. Can Edd turn this flawed motoring icon into a machine worth more than £20,000?

Episode 13 - BMW Isetta
First Aired: October. 23,2012

Mike tracks down an Isetta bubble car. Part car, part motorbike, this classic may be great to drive, but it’s not so fun to repair! Can Edd and Mike make a profit?

Episode 12 - Triumph TR6
First Aired: October. 16,2012

Mike finds a rust-free “must have sports car” from the 1970s that he thinks can be perfectly restored. But first, Edd must rebuild the engine. Can they make a profit?

Episode 11 - Nissan Skyline
First Aired: October. 09,2012

Mike thinks he’s on to a winner when he finds a budget Nissan Skyline supercar. Can Edd transform this modern classic into a homemade drift racer?

Episode 10 - Willy's Jeep
First Aired: October. 02,2012

Mike heads to the USA to find the grandfather of four wheel drives, the Willys Jeep. But will major repairs and high transport costs prevent him from making a profit?

Episode 9 - Jaguar Mk2
First Aired: September. 25,2012

Mike is overjoyed when he tracks down a Jaguar Mark 2, but could the car he’s chosen turn out to be a costly mistake? Can Edd and Mike restore their iconic classic?

Episode 8 - Gardner Douglas AC Cobra
First Aired: September. 18,2012

The ninth series returns from its break and Mike Brewer finds an unregistered Cobra which has only done 1,000 miles, but Edd China faces a difficult challenge to get it past a tough emissions test

Episode 7 - Jaguar XK8
First Aired: May. 01,2012

Mike is looking for a British classic and finds an XK8 Jaguar, but it's not in good shape. Will Edd be able to fix it up within budget or is this project about to stall?

Episode 6 - Mercedes-Benz G-Class
First Aired: April. 24,2012

Mike wants a G Wagen - the popular German four-by-four. He finds one and Edd gives it a facelift, with a 2012 front end and rear lights. Will they land a big profit?

Episode 5 - Porsche 914
First Aired: April. 17,2012

Mike finds a 914 in a barn, but under the muck he can see a profit in the 1970s sports car, so he buys it for a bargain price. Can Edd restore it to a saleable condition?

Episode 4 - Renault Alpine 310
First Aired: April. 10,2012

Mike is in France to hunt down the rare Renault Alpine 310. The car he finds is great, but it has some surprises in store, and Edd is charged with getting it fixed.

Episode 3 - BMW M5
First Aired: April. 03,2012

Mike gets a great deal on an M5, but it's cheap for a reason. It's in rough condition and totally unloved. Can Mike and Edd rejuvenate this decrepit vehicle and make a profit?

Episode 2 - Morgan +4
First Aired: March. 27,2012

Mike searches for an affordable Morgan, but the only one he can find requires the biggest motoring job Edd has ever faced. Can they resurrect this classic British beauty?

Episode 1 - Fiat Dino Coupe 2400
First Aired: March. 20,2012

Mike heads to Italy in search of a rare Fiat Dino Coupe. But the engine, interior and body panels all need work before Mike and Edd can try to find a buyer.


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