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Season 11

Wheeler Dealers Season 11

March. 17,2014
| Documentary Reality

Experienced car dealer Mike Brewer is joined by multi-talented mechanics in a monumental motoring mission: to find and restore iconic cars to later sell for a profit at their LA-based shop. In the series, Mike has the challenging job of finding vehicles that have money-making potential. He then hands them over to a mechanic, who tackles everything from bare metal re-sprays to gearbox swaps to bring them back to their former glory.


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Wheeler Dealers Season 11 Full Episode Guide

Episode 15 - Archive Show
First Aired: October. 13,2014

Mike and Edd recap their best deals, biggest gambles, worst breakdowns, handover nightmares, biggest headaches, greatest car transformations, and best test drives.

Episode 14 - Lincoln Continental
First Aired: October. 13,2014

Mike tracks down a Lincoln Continental, which set new style standards for luxury sedans in the 1960s. But tastes have changed and Edd hatches a refurb plan.

Episode 13 - Darracq
First Aired: October. 06,2014

To celebrate their 100th car Mike and Edd restore a Darracq Type L. Will they be ready in time to face their toughest ever test drive – the London to Brighton Run?

Episode 12 - BMW Z1
First Aired: September. 29,2014

Mike buys a 1989 canary yellow (in and out!) 2.5L 6 cylinder LHD BMW Z1 roadster with a noisy clutch bearing, missing indicator stalk, misbehaving unique electric driver's door and a patchwork quilt of a back box exhaust.

Episode 11 - Volkswagen Type 2
First Aired: September. 22,2014

Mike travels to Greenville, South Carolina, America and buys an all-black, empty, 1967 13-window Volkswagon Type 2 Deluxe. Also known as a "splitty" due to the two-pane split windscreen, this "bus" is rust-free but missing door cards, half the switch gear, headlining, a radio and has non-standard bucket seats.

Episode 10 - Audi TT
First Aired: September. 15,2014

Mike buys a 2001 6-speed manual Audi TT Quattro coupe with 140,000 miles on the clock, a dodgy gearbox, milky headlamps, inoperative passenger electric window and dead pixels on the dash display.

Episode 9 - Jaguar XJ-C
First Aired: September. 08,2014

The XJC is a two door version of the XJ6 four door saloon. The last Jaguar to be designed by Sir William Lyons, this iconic ‘corporate sports car’ will attract admirers.

Episode 8 - Ford Thunderbird
First Aired: September. 01,2014

Sold as the world’s first sporty luxury car, the Thunderbird sold healthily in its day. Mike is searching for a 57’ edition that can make him a profit.

Episode 7 - Amphicar
First Aired: April. 28,2014

Mike takes the ultimate plunge and invests in a car - and a boat, all in one. It’s the Amphicar, an amphibious vehicle that Edd has been dreaming of for years. But when he peels back the layers and discovers the car’s problems are serious, will he find himself in deep water and rinse away all the profit? This challenge truly puts Mike and Edd’s skills to the test and could see them literally sink or swim!

Episode 6 - Chevrolet Camaro
First Aired: April. 21,2014

It’s time for the boys to tackle one of the meanest muscle cars around. But finding the right one won’t be easy as the Camaro is already a cult classic. Mike tracks down a part-finished restoration in California with its fair share of problems. Edd has his work cut out with loads of missing parts to find and fit. With all this time and effort, is there still a profit on the cards?

Episode 5 - Maserati 3200GT
First Aired: April. 14,2014

Mike buys a supercar from the super saver menu. An Italian thoroughbred for under £10k. But supercars mean super bills. Mike’s reports of wayward handling and a hair-trigger throttle could lead to either bankruptcy or a very nasty accident. Some of Edd’s smart solutions could help to keep the budget under control but will it be enough to tame this technology packed, turbocharged V8? Techy tyres help get the luxury GT powerhouse back on track and an overhauled air-conditioning system restores some Italian flair.

Episode 4 - Citroën 2CV
First Aired: April. 07,2014

Mike finds a fifty-six year old Citroën 2CV, retired in the sunny south of France. It’s a real people’s car with bags of charm. With cheeky bug-eyed headlights and rare suicide doors, the 2CV is one of the most recognisable cars ever designed and renowned, over its forty-two year production cycle, for its stark simplicity. Almost every aspect of this quirky car requires attention; Edd strips it back to bare bones to breathe new life back into the smoky old engine. A fresh paint job and interior will help to secure the car’s future for another fifty years but can Mike get top dollar for a car with no frills?

Episode 3 - Mazda RX7
First Aired: March. 31,2014

With its legendary mix of unique technology and awesome performance, Mazda’s coupe is unlike any other. Mike finds one that appears to have nothing wrong with it and challenges Edd to make a good car even better. But these cars are complex and unforgiving. So while Edd handles with care, Mike sorts out some stylish mods to make the RX7’s looks match its performance.

Episode 2 - Porsche 993 Targa
First Aired: March. 24,2014

The last of the air-cooled legends. Mike goes in search of what many fans consider to be the last truly great Porsche. What he finds is the cheapest, tattiest 993 in the country. Mike however, can see a mechanically sound motor and potential profit lurking beneath seventeen years of muck and grime. Edd sets to work on a rescue mission to restore the car’s racing pedigree. It’s unloved and underpowered but after Edd lavishes some care and attention on the car, will the smart engine fixes and custom handling package spell profit on a Porsche that is still major money?

Episode 1 - Ford Fiesta XR2
First Aired: March. 17,2014

Mike decides to go back to the 80’s and bags a bargain example of one of his dream cars - but there’s only £1000 to spend on repairs or the profit’s at risk. Edd isn’t convinced the XR2 deserves all the praise, but comes up with cheap and innovative solutions to add value. Mike finds a clever way to get Edd all the rare parts he needs and pulls out all the stops to prove the Fiesta is the hot hatch that started a fast Ford revolution.


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