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Welcome to Me

Welcome to Me (2015)

May. 01,2015
| Drama Comedy

A year in the life of Alice Klieg, a woman with Borderline personality disorder who wins the Mega Millions lottery, quits her meds and buys her own talk show.


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Welcome To MeThe premise is promising and has a potential to reach for something more colossal than it even attempts to, in here which may feel inadequate in the end. Despite of having, such a wider range the writer, narrows its priorities down to something simple and sensible which helps connect easily with the viewers. Eliot Lawrence has done a decent work on writing the script which is engaging for the most of the time and not pretentious or chalky which it could have been easily considering the premise. Shira Piven; the director, is in her A game as she executes the script aptly and offers palpable environment to the tone which it stays true to, throughout the course of it. Kirsten Wiig carries it off all on her shoulder proving once again, her amazing acting skills even though isn't supported to that extent by her supporting cast like James Marsden, Wes Bentley and Linda Cardellini. It is short on technical aspects like sound department and editing. Welcome To Me is more than a welcome to its creativity and the energy that it offers from the first frame till the curtain drops; something that can feed off the audience for its almost 90 minutes.

Dr Qua (SpaceOctopus)

The director & writer should be ashamed of this film. All it does is spread MORE misinformation, misrepresent a horribly excruciating problem, and on top of that, exploits those with it.This is not even close to an accurate depiction of BPD, and this film will only do one thing- further stigmatize this horrible affliction, making people even more hateful & cruel, which is already a bad enough problem right now.Their complete misunderstanding of the disorder is nauseating. Don't see this movie. Don't see any movie about a character with BPD, because it has always been done ridiculously poorly & has stigmatized those with it further. To a huge degree.If you want to actually learn a bit about it, go to Wikipedia, and you will find a very accurate detailing of the disorder, without bias, prejudice or ignorance.


Review: This movie had a really strange storyline, which I didn't find that funny, and the strange world that, lottery winner, Alice Kleig, (Kristen Wiig) built around herself was completely bonkers. Before Alice wins the $86million jackpot, she spent most of her life watching TV, and regularly sees her psychiatrist, Dr. Daryl Moffet, played by Tim Robbins, who helps her with her borderline personality disorder. She is also addicted to watching the Oprah Winfrey show, which she knows word for word, and she takes medication to control her outbursts and mood swings. When she wins the lottery, she decides to be in the audience of a live talk show, and when she is called on stage to help the presenter, she ends up taking control of the show by telling the audience her life story, which was completely weird. As the show is in debt and the brothers/managers, Gabe Ruskin (Wes Bentley) and Rich (James Marsden) need a lot of cash to keep the show running, April offers them millions to have her own show, all about herself. Rich accepts the proposal, against everyone's wishes, and her show turns out to be a complete disaster but as she keeps on pumping money into the project, she has the right to demand what ever she wants. As the show is only about her and her own little world, a lot of people leave the show because they can't put up with her strange demands. After a while, she comes to her senses and she starts to do good with her money, except for funding the ridiculous show which has no meaning whatsoever. I personally found the movie weird, and the fact that she jumped onto any man's bones, once they gave her attention, just made it go from bad to worse. The only saviour for the film was that she didn't change her expressions, even when she was asking for the weirdest of things, which made it slightly funny but apart from that, I didn't really see the point of the film. It does prove that having loads of money, really isn't for everyone, and she was totally better of when she was in her own little world, taking her medication. Anyway, although it's an original comedy, it basically wasn't for me, and I can understand why it didn't go down well at the box office. Disappointing!Round-Up: Kristen Wiig, 42, has a dry sense of humour, which has worked in movies like Walk Hard, Knocked Up, MacGruber, Date Night, Paul,her biggest hit, Bridesmaids, Girl Most Likely, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, Her and Anchorman 2, and she has proved that she can turn her skills to serious roles like the Martian, The Diary of a Teenage Girl and the Skeleton Twins. She recently stars in the new Ghostbusters movie, Zoolander 2 and Masterminds, so she has joined the elite group of comedians, like Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, who all bring in hefty profits at the box office. She is much better in her cameo roles than when she is taking the lead, mainly because her dry sense of humour can only last a certain amount of time and it does become a bit tedious after a while. It's the first movie directed by Shira Piven, 54, who has also starred in Bob Roberts, Anchorman and Step Brothers. With her previous movies being with Tim Robins, who also starred in this movie, and Will Ferrell, it's not surprising that Ferrell produced this movie alongside her. I didn't really like the film that much, because I just didn't find it that funny and the storyline was just too crazy. It was good to see Tim Robins back on the big screen and Joan Cusack, Jennifer Jason Leigh and James Marsden were quite funny but that was about it.Budget: N/A Worldwide Gross: $650,000I recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/comedies starring Kristen Wiig, Wes Bentley, Linda Cardellini, Joan Cusack, Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, James Marsden,Thomas Mann and Alan Tudyk. 3/10


I'm adding a review as I think this film is sorely underrated. I've also seen others stating that the screenplay was confusing or lacked direction. I liked that the screenplay didn't insult the audience by preaching to us or telling us what to think. Instead, the story shows us everything we need to know about Alice and we're left to draw our own conclusions without the film adding its own judgement.As a BPD sufferer, Alice fears abandonment, is an emotional open-wound, sexually and financially impulsive without ever thinking through the consequences of her actions and incapable of empathy for other people or even seeing them as people. She over-shares, she tramples their boundaries and she struggles with her own identity.This is a clever, well balanced movie in that I laughed all the way through while still feeling bad for just how sad her situation was and at no point did I feel the movie was being unkind or mocking. The characters were well drawn and sympathetic, the performances (in particular Wiig) were excellent. The ending is also very cleverly handled, being ambiguously self serving and redemptive. I loved it.